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Wethepeople “Trippin North” Tour

Wethepeople riders, Marcas Grubbs, Mikey Tyra, Brandon Begin, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz, are going on the road again. This time they are heading North, starting January 21st, 2014. Follow their Instagram and check #wtptrippinnorth for updates.

Austin, Texas 2013

AustinTX2013 from Clint on Vimeo.

GoPro test clips, second angles and some unused clips from Devon Lampman, Charlie Crumlish, Chris Hudson, Clint Zabodyn, Beef and Marcas Grubbs riding streets and also some dirt around Austin, Texas in 2013.
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Marcas Grubbs Edit

Marcas Grubbs and Charlie Crumlish has been working on this one for Dig and here is now the final product, which is both creative and wild. Marcas has a really original style of riding and inverts and whip lashes on lock. Check it out.
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Movement “The Link” Trailer

Movement’s The Link DVD has been in the making for seven years and now it is finally available. It includes six full parts from Brian Hinkel, Jake Szybowski, Heath Owens, Devon Denham, Tyler Roller and Marcas Grubbs. Also, all the proceeds will go to Bikes With Wings Foundation.

Movement “The Link” DVD Trailer

Movement’s “The Link” DVD has been in the works for several years, but is now finally finished and ready for all of us to watch. Before you pick up a copy, watch the trailer above to find out what this video will feature, six full parts from Brian Hinkel, Jake Szybowski, Heath Owens, Devon Denham, Tyler Roller and Marcas Grubbs.
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Wethepeople – Marcas Grubbs “No Place Like Home”

Wethepeople’s Marcas Grubbs recently made the move to Portland, Oregon, where he quickly hit some fun looking street spots and filmed this new web edit. Marcas has some technical front wheel skills, but also knows how to pull a proper barspin or whip combo.
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Shitluck “Take It Or Leave It” Video Promo

Promo for the long awaited Shitluck video “Take It Or Leave It”. The video will be featuring riding from Chester Blacksmith, Cameron Wood, Mike Corts, Chris Wilson, Ryan Metro, Joe Mettile, Bugsy, Tim Bunoa, Brandon Burke, Marcas Grubbs, Vince Smith and many more. Can’t wait to see this one.
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Marcas Grubbs WTP Edit

Marcas Grubbs WTP EDIT from Movement on Vimeo.

Marcas Grubbs with a new Wethepeople edit. Expect more from him in the new Movement DVD.
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