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Mariano Santiago In San Diego

Mariano Santiago in San Diego – More BMX Videos

Mariano Santiago shredding streets of San Diego in his latest, very creative and very solid edit. I know he is not doing much tricks, but I really like Mariano’s style of riding, especially because of his originality.
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Blunted Athletics – Imperial Beach AM Session

Blunted Athletics – Imperial Beach AM Session from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

Blunted Athletics AM riders, Jack Acosta and Mariano Santiago, having a session at the Imperial Beach, while Alex Romero was there for them to capture all the hot stunts.
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Mariano Santiago Bike Check

Mariano Santiago is The Shadow Conspiracy’s newest team member and after dropping his ridiculously good welcome to the team edit, you can now find a bike check up on their web site, photos (shot by Hoang Tran) and of course parts list.

Mariano Santiago Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

Mariano Santiago is now riding for The Shadow Conspiracy and here is his official announcement via this welcome to the team edit. Miriano has a super wild and original style of street riding you don’t see everyday. I am 100% sure you will enjoy this one.
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Grim Crew Park Mix

The Grim Crew is back with another mix web edit, this time only skatepark riding. Mariano Santiago, Nate Acosta, Christian Allwein, Billy Savell and guest clip by Alex Vazquez. These guys never disappoint and you always get pleasantly surprised with the level of the riding.

Blunted Athletics – Young Guns 24hour Park

Mariano Santiago, Matty Nothnagle, Jack Acosta, Christian Allwein, Will Smith and Lahsaan Kobza hit the 24 hours Dust Devil skate plaza late into the night to film a new quick mix edit for Blunted Athletics. I really like the creativity in this crew. Filmed and edited by Lahsaan Kobza.
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A Day With Mariano Santiago

Doeby Huynh and Mariano Santiago got together for a day of shredding at Mariano’s local spots in Imperial Beach, San Diego and here is the final product. No pegs and a back brake, relaxed moves, a 360 off of a roof and some other original moves is what Mariano is all about. Enjoy.
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Grim Crew 01

The Grim Crew always comes put with something really good and the first installment in the series of the mix edits is a good proof. Featuring riding from Mariano Santiago, Jack Acosta, Christian Allwein, Billy Savell, Thomas Macie, Chris Bowens, Jesse Garcia, DeMarcus Paul and Albert Mercado.
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Pshht Tape Vol 1

Jesse Garcia and the Say Sumtin crew is out with a new edit called, Pshht Tape Vol 1, that was in the works over the last year. Featuring riding from Demarcus Paul, John Stafford, Jesse himself, Mariano Santiago, Albert Mercado, Erich Pray and Johann Valder. This is just the first in a series of web edits, so stay tuned for more and more solid stuff.

Blunted Athletics Plaza Edit

A really solid plaza edit from Blunted Athletic riders Mariano Santiago, Christian Allwein and Jack Acosta. Some proper style and great riding from all three. Watch it and get a good dose of concrete shredding.