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Markit – Ronnie Napolitan Dirt Edit

Ronnie Napolitan knows how to shred trails in the proper way. Watch him doing some madness at these trails located in Souther California on a night session for Markit. Guest clips from Cody Mckenna.
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Dennis Enarson Inetrview – “Markit Will Be A Denim Company”

Dennis Enarson has a really good interview up on Defgrip site where he chats about the recent injury, broken femur, his dad, sponsors, Markit and more. What is the most interesting in this interview is definitely that Markit will become a denim clothing, having at first skinny and relaxed denim and some softgoods. Go read it.

Markit Crew Edit

“In this months MARKIT edit we decided to do something a little different then we have in previous months. Here’s most of the crew plus a couple of MARKIT homies shredding some cement parks in Austin TX, and San Diego CA. Featuring Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Mike Jonas, Dennis Enarson, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, and Geoff Slattery. Enjoy!”Markit.
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Markit Austin Trip Photo Gallery Part 1 & 2

Markit crew recently took a trip to Austin, Texas and Big Kenny shot a few pics for you to check out. Part one of the photo gallery is here and part two here. Featuring Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Christian Rigal, Ronnie Napolitan and more.

Connor Lodes’ Markit Edit Photo Gallery

Last week the new Connor Lodes edit dropped by the Markit. If you missed it you must watch it right now.
Now Markit posted up a photo gallery featuring all the photos from the filming for edit. Check them out on this link.

Demolition X Markit Pivotal Seat

Just spotted on The Merged site a shot of the upcoming Demolition X Markit collaboration pivotal seat. Expect this one out very soon.

Connor Lodes Markit Edit

Connor Lodes MARKIT Edit from MARKITBMX on Vimeo.

I am always stoked on seeing a new Connor Lodes, cause I know it’s going to be dope. And it sure is.
“When Connor’s not working, filming for MARKIT ZERO, or chillen with Rudy, he can usually be found at his favorite park out in OB, killin it as always. For this months edit we grabbed the lights and spent a couple of nights clockin all of this dope footy for you guys. Enjoy!”Markit.
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Christian Rigal’s Ledge Edit Gallery

Head over to Markit site where you will find a complete photo gallery, featuring photos shot during filming for Christian Rigal’s latest Markit edit.

Christian Rigal Markit Edit

“Christian Rigal is always thinking outside of the box. With the help of some ledges, Will Stroud’s filming, and a lot of man power to lift those heavy things around, an idea he always had got to come to life in this months edit. Christian set the ledges up all over San Diego turning some-what ordinary spots, into ridiculous setups. Christian’s taking the 4 peg game to a whole new level and he doesn’t disappoint here.”Markit.
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Chad Kerley And Theotis Beasley Markit Split Edit

Chad Kerley and Theotis Beasley MARKIT split edit from MARKITBMX on Vimeo.

For this month Markit has their rider Chad Kerley and pro skateboarder Theotis Beasley shredding some concrete. To bad that there aren’t more split edits with BMX rider and skateboarder. Must see.
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