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Filmed In Wuppertal, Germany Teaser

Florian Felix Koch dropped a teaser for his upcoming project “Filmed In Wuppertal,” that he was working on over the past couple of months with friends riding spots around Wuppertal, Germany. The final product is still in the process of filming and editing, but it looks like it is going to be a serious web video. Riding from Thomas Wegerhoff, Dennis Kicza, Mike Würzinger, Markus Reuss and many more.
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Simple Bike Co At Simple Session 2013

Can you imagine, even more team edits from Simple Session 2013. This time you will be watching all the best moves that went down from the Simple Bike Co team Adrian Malmberg, Eduards Zunda, Ludvig Oskarsson, Markus Reuss and Ole Kristiansen. The truck from Adrian over the rail was insane.
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Wethepeople Spring Session 2013

More BMX Videos
I didn’t actually knew we will be seeing that much stuff from the Wethepeople Spring Session 2013. Here is another edit made by Freedom and it features Kevin Liehn, Dennis Erhardt, Kenneth Posern, Sergej Geier, Markus Reuss, Pete Sawyer and more.

Kilian Roth On Vans

Vans Germany is happy to welcome 16 years old Kilian Roth to the team. Kilian will join the crew that consists of Markus Braumann, Markus Reuss, Daniel Juchatz and Senad Grosic. Expect more from this guy in 2013.

Markus Reuss And Friends In Cologne

Since Florian Koch broke his sprocket while in Cologne, he decided to bring out his camera and filmed some stuff during this fun session with Markus Reuss, Thomas Wegerhoff, Florian Koch (when his sprocket was still fine) and Tobias Freigang. Markuss really gets some smooth style pulled in this one.
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New BMX Rider Cover, Issue 4

Take a look at the new BMX Rider cover for their 4th issue featuring Markus Reuss with this wild tuck no-hander. Magazine will be available at all the finest bike shops at the start of February.

Markus Reuss Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

German shredder Markus Reuss was just added to the Shadown Conspiracy team and to make it official he filmed this crazy good street style welcome to the team edit, just before his knee surgery, with Markus Wilke. There are two lines, that will definitely make you go crazy.
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Markus Reuss Welcome To Simple

Simple Bike Co is happy to welcome Germany’s Markus Reuss to their team. Markus is recovering from shoulder injury, but when he’s back you know we’ll get a proper welcome to the team edit.
In the mean time watch this edit of him.

Nike 6.0 Germany – Trip To Greece

Nike 6.0 “Trip to Greece”
The Germany Nike 6.0 team including Daniel Tünte, Björn Mager, Perry Petermüller and Markus Reuss recently went on a trip to Greece to explore the beauty of the country.
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Winterfest Video

Winterfest video from Quynten on Vimeo.

“Bmx-er Jonathan Jansen organised a new format of jam in The Netherlands. Three dutch filmers had to form a team with two dutch riders and one international rider. Every team would get one hour (power hour) to film a video in the indoor skatepark Skateland Rotterdam. As one of the filmers I am presenting my video above.The winner of the video contest can win some big bucks.
Riders: Markus Reuss, Desmond Tessemaker and Daniel Wedemeijer.
It was so much fun to film and edit this, a real pleasure. Constantly running for a good angle and editing with a time limit was the hardest thing I have ever done videowise. I’ll hope you will enjoy it!
Special thanks to Jonathan Jansen, my team riders and special shootout to Desmond Tessemaker.”
– Quynten.
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