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One Dude One Day – Diogo Santos In Glasgow

Last year Diogo Santos made a trip to Glasgow, Scotland, where he met up with the local shredders and cruised around to kill some street spots. Freedom BMX’s own Markus Wilke spent a day with him filming stuff and this is what they managed to get. Diogo is a sick guy and here are a few really solid moves. Enjoy.
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DIG At Texas Toast 2013

I must admit, these are probably the best video highlights from the Texast Toast Jam 2013, made by no other than Markus Wilke for DIG. These are not only about riding, but also about riders and their wildest, weirdest moments from the whole weekend. Hit play and see what are the stories and get a dose of the madness that went down. Enjoy.
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Props – Best Of 2000 Full Video

What a better way to end a cold Sunday with one classic video that Props uploaded to youtube, the Best Of 2000. 30 minutes of radness from Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Nate Wessel, Mike Escamila, Markus Wilke, Seth Kimbrough and more. Besides all the sick riding there’s also a pretty wild section in here. Seat back, relax and enjoy.
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Markus Reuss Welcome To Shadow Conspiracy

German shredder Markus Reuss was just added to the Shadown Conspiracy team and to make it official he filmed this crazy good street style welcome to the team edit, just before his knee surgery, with Markus Wilke. There are two lines, that will definitely make you go crazy.
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Attilatos Locos

Marc Reschke filmed and edited this chill edit featuring Tom Behrendt, Markus Wilke and Erik Herschke riding the Attilastreet skatepark in Berlin, Germany. I’m happy to see Markus Wilke still riding his bike.