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Friends Little Edit 2013 By Martin Gebauer

A nice little web edit that Martin Gebauer filmed and edited of his friends while hanging out with them at various skateparks. Nothing to crazy in this one, but has this good vibe, telling you that BMX is the best.
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Martin Gebauer – Year Of 2012 Edit PART IV

Here is the fourth part of Martin Gebauer’s “Year Of 2012” edit where he hits a bunch of skateparks, gets creative and pulls all bunch of good stuff down. Watch what this German guy pulled, for this part of the, edit above. Is the fifth part also coming?

Martin Gebauer – Year Of 2012 Edit PART III

Martin Gebauer is back with the third Year Of 2012 edit, that he has been dropping over the year. I don’t know if this is the last one, maybe we will be seeing the winter version also. This one features a little street but mostly skatepark, indoor and outdoor, riding.

Martin Gebauer – Year Of 2012 Edit Part II

Second part of Martin Gebauer’s “Years Of 2012 Edit” includes all bunch of technical riding. Martin sure likes going fakie and that full cab right into a half cab tailwhip down three stairs at the beginning sure is wild.

Martin Gebauer – Little Edit 2012

Martin Gebauer throws down some rad technical moves at a few skateparks and does some sweet combos with manuals. Last 900 tailtap to tailwhip in was pretty damn good.