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The Birth Of Big Air – Mat Hoffman’s Injuries

Mat Hoffman is the Rambo of BMX. Here is the Injuries section from “The Birth Of Big Air” video, in case you haven’t watched it yet and if you haven’t, I warn you, if you have a weak stomach, prepare yourself. Watch out for yourself guys.
“If I die with a body that wasn’t completely wreck, I’d feel like I completely wasted it.” – Mat Hoffman

Mat Hoffman – self-stitching

The Retreat – Lopez Island Vert Session

The Retreat – Lopez Island Vert Session – More BMX Videos

Mat Hoffman, Simon Tabron, Chad Kagy, Zack Warden, Dennic McCoy and Steve McCann head over to a small island outside of Seattle, called Lopez island, for a pretty epic vert session. All I will say is that the web is too poor with vert edits and clips. Just look at these dudes how crazy they all go. Insanity.
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The Skatelite Retreat

Good people over at the Skatelite invited top BMX and skateboarding pro riders to San Juan Island for a weekend of fun. It was not only BMX and skate was was happening over there, it was also wake boarding and whale watching and concerts and so on. Mat Hoffman, Zack Warden, Dennis McCoy, Steve McCann and more came to shred and to show people skateparks are needed everywhere in the world. Seen on Ride.
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The Haro Bikes Legacy

Old-school and new-school all together in one amazing video from Haro Bikes. Classic 80’s style combined with amazing style and tricks from the present. Ron Wilkerson, Dennis McCoy, Mat Hoffman and more along with Pat Casey, Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist and other crazy riders doing their own thing, but all doing one thing, BMX. It was Bob Haro with the Haro company who produced the first ever freestyle frame and who started the new era. Enjoy.
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BMX Worlds 2013 – Pro Vert Top Three

Since every single contest included some insane riding I decided to feature all videos of the top three of each category up on the site for your viewing pleasure. This time around it is vert and it is about Zach Shaw, who got third, Mat Hoffman who got second and Coco Zurita who got first. It is still awesome seeing Mat riding and pulling all those wild combos of his.
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Morgan Wade On Hoffman Bikes

Morgan Wade didn’t have a bike sponsor since 2011, can you believe it? The news just dropped that he has now joined the Hoffman Bikes squad. Read more below.
“Hoffman Bikes proudly announces that Morgan Wade has joined its pro team. Wade’s diverse riding background and skills complement the overall composition of the HB Team and aligns with the Big Air tradition of Mat Hoffman, Kevin Robinson and Zack Warden. Hoffman Bikes is excited ti have Wade join forces with Mat Hoffman and the Hoffman Bikes Team.”
“Morgan Wade! I am honored Morgan has joined my elite team of BadAss BMXers. The sky is never the limit, it’s only the start. Morgan proves that every time he roll in.”– Mat Hoffman

Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC

And it is finally here. The Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC dropped and it is something you must not miss. Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall took a trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to shred their bikes. I am sure they had the best time over at Mat Hoffman’s place and seeing Hucker pulling a massive flair on his vert is mind blowing.
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Mat Hoffman’s And Dennis McCoy’s Vert Demo At Aquafest 1990

Classic stuff never hurts, completely opposite, it is doing good for us, remembering all the history moments and here is a clip from a vert demo at the Aqufest from back in 1990 featuring Mat Hoffman and Dennis McCoy.

X Games Barcelona – Big Air Practice Video

More BMX Videos
Colton Satterfield, Bas Keep, Anthony Napolitan, Morgan Wade, Mat Hoffman and more at the X Games Barcelona Big Air practice. It is ridiculous seeing all these guys going so high out of that massive quarter pipe and I am definitely stoked seeing Sebastian Keep and Mat Hoffman riding the setup.
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Mat Hoffman’s Statement About X Games LA

Read the words from Mat Hoffman officially about X Games Los Angeles removing vert and park.
“I would like to address the news that BMX Park and BMX Vert will not be included in ESPN’S X Games in Los Angeles this year.
As the BMX organizer for ESPN’S X Games, I, of course, would like to see all disciplines represented at all X Games events, especially my life blood, Vert. However, we have been reassured by ESPN that they are not withdrawing their support and coverage of BMX. They are changing the coverage of sports and disciplines for each stop, as their focus is to produce 6 diversely different TV shows. In fact, to put into perspective, in 2012, ESPN had 4 BMX competition with $359,000 in prize money. This year, they have 12 BMX competitions with over $1 million in prize money, tripling their support for BMX.
This is progression. We will continue to strongly advocate BMX for all of ESPN’S events and we hope that the BMX community will stand with us in building upon this year and the years to come.”
– Mat Hoffman