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Mat Houck Bike Check

Click through the above flipbook and check out Mat Houck’s Mutiny Doomwizard setup mixed with mainly Odyssey parts. Raw, solid and dialed looking bike.

Texas Toast Jam With Aaron Ross

Another rad edit from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam, brought to you by Red Bull. Aaron Ross hit the pro dirt competition, then went street riding around Austin with Corey Martinez and Mat Houck and ended up watching pro street finals competition. Hit it.
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Empire BMX – Hoss’s House

Empire BMX dropped this rad new edit from a backyard ramp setup featuring Dylan Smith, Tom Smith, Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Justin Kee, Hanson Little, Mat Houck, Josh Dissinger, Devin Fredlund, Ryan Smith and Nathan Hostick. That 360 over the fence from Dugan was pretty insane.
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Odyssey TGif – Mat Houck In Phoenix

It is no Friday, but it is time for a new installment in Odyssey’s TGif series. This time from Mat Houck pulling this dope 180 to fakie to half cab to manual to 180 barspin, that was filmed on their trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

Odyssey Vision – ODSY In PHX Edit

Odyssey sent Sean Sexton, Eric Lichtenberger, Grant Germain and Mat Houck to Phoenix, Arizona to get some shredding done on some amazing street spots and to film for a new Odyssey Vision episode. You know the crew is heavy so you know you will be seeing some heavy and technical stunts. Sean got pretty wild in here, especially off the bike.
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Odyssey Vision – ODSY In PHX Photo Gallery

Odyssey’s Eric Lichtenberger, Sean Sexton, Mat Houck and Grant Germain took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to shred some amazing spots and to film for a new Odyssey Vision video. The video drops on May 3rd, but now, check out some photos, shot by Walter Pieringer, to tease you up.
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Odyssey – The 316 House

This is a quick Devon Hutchins documentary, that documents a three months period at the 316 house in Austin, Texas where Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford and Mat Houck live, along with Aaron Ross and Jabari Winters who are constantly hanging out over there. There is always something fun going on over there, so I am sure these guys are never bored.
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Odyssey Holiday 2012 Softgoods Video

Here is a quick little video that Odyssey dropped, showing you a small piece of the behind the scenes from shooting photos for their holiday 2012 softgoods lookbook. Aaron Ross, Mike Aitken, Eric Lichtenberger, Tom Dugan, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Broc Raifrod, Matt Beringer, Mat Houck, Jared Swafford, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Terry Adams, Kyle Hart, Dirt Ron, Grant Germain and Jabari Winters having fun on those motorcycles.
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Mutiny “Come Together” Leftovers

This is awesome. Seven minutes of leftover footage from filming for Mutiny’s “Come Together” video featuring Josh Bedford, George Boyd, Brandon Hoerres, Robbo, Matt Roe, Justin Simpson, Grant Castelluzzo, Deven Ferrer, Mat Houck, Mikey Luplow, Andy Martinez and Kyle Davenport. Sometime I think that leftover footage is even better than the original.
If you miss the video, click here.
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Deven Ferrer And Mat Houck Edit

Deven Ferrer and Mat Houck doing thing together in this split edit.