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Mat Olson Rides Over Ft. Worth 7th Street Bridge Arches

You heard it right and this is no joke. Mat Olson recently decided to ride over the newly built 7th Street Bridge in the Ft. Worth, Texas. I know it’s is quite wide, but still, this is so damn scary to even think about riding over it. Mat is the man.
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Deco BMX – Mat Olson 2013 Edit

Mat Olson DecoBMX 2013 from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

Mat Olson is a busy guy, doing plenty of shows through the year, but this is not stopping him from filming stuff, like he did for this hell of an edit for Deco BMX, filmed by Jeremie Infelise. Mat is capable of many things and he has no problems riding trails, street nor skateparks. Hit play and enjoy this four minutes long piece.
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Mat Olson Video Bike Check

On the recent West Bound And Up tour, Mat Olson and Cameron Muilenburg filmed a video bike check and also did an interview about his bike and what he has been up to lately. Along with the interview and bike check, there is a big amount of shredding in here from Mat, pulling some big moves.
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Dildo Shit Mix

Alex Hammett had plenty of footage laying around from his old projects and now decided it is time to make this Dildo Shit Mix edit. Featuring riding from Larry Clack, Mat Olson, Justin Haynie, James Anderson, Dale Daniel, Alex Hammett, Drew Jackson, Deven Ferrer and Cody Anderson.

Mat Olson Getting Sent

That is one nasty pinky at the start. Mat Olson put a lot of work into this new edit Alex Hammett filmed and uploaded on vimeo. Big stuff, rails, barspins, tailwhips, transfers, you name it. Mat has no fear and this edit one good example of that. If you want to watch how doctors put his pinky back in place make sure you watch till the end.
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RBM Allied Compound Trip

If you are a trails rider, than you sure don’t wanna miss this one. Mike Puyear, Joe Carroll, Joe Ladd, Ross Blanford, Landon Gideon and Mat Olson recently made a trip to Allied Compound in Manor, TX to session the trails and of course to film some stuff to document what was going on.

2012 Trails Edit

This is not actually a full trails edit, it has a good amount of skatepark and street clips in it also, but who cares, when the riding is too good to be missed. Featuring riding from Mat Olson, Zack cazarez, Troy McMurray, Ted Van Orman, Adam Baker and many more.

Pusher Road Trip 2

Pusher crew went on a trip, traveled more than 1000 miles, visited all bunch of fun concrete skateparks, found this fullpipe and most important, had fun all the time. Featuring Clay Brown, Mat Olson, Preston Solis, The Dude, Taylor Bonds, Steven Mueller, Jake Howard, Mustin Dillard and more.

Deco – Mat Olson Round And Round

At first I did not know what to expect from this edit of Deco rider Mat Olson, but after watching it the only thing that I can say is, that Mat is a crazy allround guy. He rider street, trails and parks with no fear and with some amazing tricks. Last barspin to x-up to turndown over the bowl and the gap to fence wallride were unbelievable.
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Deco BMX – Mat Olson Kids In America

“Mat Olson is spoiled by Colorado skateparks and traveling most of the year. This is an edit from his travels hitting mainly skateparks but a few street clips in there for street cred is a must. Sit back and enjoy the sweet sessions and smooth tunes of has to offer and hit up our Facebook, Twitter, and instagram for updates daily.”Deco.