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S&M Bikes “Please Kill Me” – Matt Beringer Section

S&M Bikes dropped an epic section from their 2004 full length video “Please Kill Me” featuring Matt Beringer. Everyone knows Matt and everyone knows how good his riding is and especially how creative. This section is full of that stuff and if you, by any chance, never saw it, you are doing crime if you ask me.
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Killjoy Full DVD

Killjoy DVD was the 2011 NORA Cup video of the year and if by any chance you still didn’t saw this video yet, now is your chance and you must do it immediately, because it is pure fire, from the first second to the last second. Full section from Elf, Cameron Wood, Dave Thompson, Rob Wise, Tate Roskelley, Matt Beringer and Mike Aitken. I will definitely give it another watch this weekend. Seen on TCU.
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Little Devil – Matt Beringer’s House Tour

Little Devil dropped aa house tour with Matt Beringer, touring you around his epic house. This was created back in 2007 by Derek Adams, who thought it is the right time to bring it online, since Matt is moving out and selling the house. A lot of stuff happened over there that we saw over the years and it is really sad that the place is no more.
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Ben Hucke’s Non-Invitational Jam Highlights

Now this one is pretty epic. The Ben Hucke Non-Invitational jam happened on July 27th and here are the highlights showing pro riders like Jared Washington, Jake Seeley, Eric Lichtenberger, Matt Beringer and others pulling the most insane tricks. Last up double peg to flat from Dylan Stark was bananas.
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Matt Beringer’s House Is No More

Now that is a bummer. If you remember, Matt Beringer was selling his house for $200k, but unfortunately no BMX rider bought it, so there is no more of this legendary and epic spot. We saw plenty of stuff from this place and we will be remembering it for the rest of our lives.

S&M Please Kill Me Full Video

Hell yeah. S&M’S fifth full length video, Please Kill Me, is now on Youtube and ready for you to watch it. This awesome and classic video, that was released by in 2004 features Josh Stricker, Adam Baker, Amos Burke, Martin Lotterle, Bob Scerbo, Vic Ayala, Brian Wizmerski, Rob Darden and Matt Beringer. It was filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo and Brian Wizmerski. Must watch.
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The Albion Issue 8 Now Online

The eight issue of The Albion magazine is now online for the whole world to see it. If you are just having a cup of coffee, than make sure you flip through it above and read articles featuring Brad Simms, Matt Beringer, Dean Dickinson and much more.

Matt Beringer “In Hell”

It is always amazing seeing some fresh new footage from the legend himself, Matt Beringer. This was all filmed during his The Albion interview and you know it is good. The 180 back peg grind on a rail down stairs and the super low backflip at the end were sick as hell.
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Terrible One “Saltcity” Bar Promo

This is the actual promo for Shawn Elf Walters’ signature Terrible One Saltcity handlebar. Fast music, crashes, some random stuff, partying and tons of solid street riding from Elf, Tate Roskelly, Matt Beringer and Cameron Wood.
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DHS Skatepark Session

Shawn McIntosh, Morgan Long, David Grant, Keith Hartwell, James Colella, Troy Blair, Matt Beringer and Cameron Wood took a trip to Kings Ride Shop a couple week back and while over there, they threw a session down at the Desert Hot Springs. When you have all those riders at one place, you know goods stuff will be pulled.
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