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Volume Bikes – Matt Clark And Billy Perry In SoCal

OK seriously, what is wrong with kids these days? The obviously don’t know what word hard means, everything looks just so easy when they ride. Volume Bikes’ youngest riders Matt Clark and Billy Perry met up in sunny southern California with Mike Mastroni behind the lens and filmed this rad split edit, that includes tons of solid street moves.
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Matt Clark On Volume Bikes

Matt Clark is part of the Garden crew and has now officially joined the Volume Bikes team. I am not sure, but I really hope we will be seeing a welcome to the team edit. In the mean time, check his Bermuda build.

DC Shoes Brett Banasiewicz Jam Photo Gallery

TCU posted a photo gallery from Brett Banasiewicz’s Benefit Jam at Rye Airfield last weekend, shot by Scott Marceau and Nick Jones. We have already seen the video from the jam, now make sure you also check out this gallery.

Junction Skatepark Edit

Two days of filming with James Johnson, Matt Clark, Dom Lag and Travis M at their local Junction skatepark and this is what you get. Definitely some good ledge and rail jibbing, with one wild ender.

Garden – Mark Burnett & Matt Clark Skatepark Edit

Mark Burnett and Matt Clark spent two days filming at their local Pittsfield skateplaza for their sponsor The Garden. These two has an awesome style and you will be seeing a bunch of damn good tricks and line. The downside tailwhip to fakie was really clean, like that nose manual to 180 and last smith to tailwhip.
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Kink – Matt Clark 2012

Kink’s flow rider Matt Clark has tons of style and isn’t scared of big rails or doing 360s over double sets. Watch him shredding street in his latest edit and I am sure you will want to go out and ride after watching it.
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Kink – Aaron Smith & Matt Clark At Rya Air Field

Aaron Smith and Matt Clark: Rye Air Field from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Kink’s Aaron Smith and Matt Clark escaped the shitty weather with a session at the Rye Air Field skatepark. Must see.
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Matt Clark At GB

Matt Clark having a quick session at the GB skatepark. Manual to smith to whip on flat ledge was sick.

The Garden BMX – Matt Clark Garden Edit

Matt Clark Garden Edit from thegardenbmx on Vimeo.

Matt Clark’s Garden edit filmed over the summer. Enjoy.

Matt Clark Rail Edit

Matt Clark doing grinds on a little flat rail with his friend Tyler Dadak. Please read more to get the video.
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