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Matt Green – 2 Days At Knoxfield Skatepark

Aussie shredder Matt Green spent two days at the Knoxfield skatepark and this is what happened. Lot of really nice moves, grinds and also some freecoaster stuff in here, while the Graveyard are playing in the back.
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Sample Crew – Hoodie Promo

Sample Crew from Australia promoting their upcoming hoodie, that will be out late April. Featuring riding from Jayden Poustie, Doug Maclennan, Tomm Axford, Rhys Baxter, Jack Gouscott, Jaidyn Gray, Brian Gration, Tyler Savic, Rhys Butler, Matt Green and Michael Hennessy.

Matt Green Edit

Knoxfield based rider Matt Green shredding his local concrete skatepark a showing you how good he is on a bike. Last 180 to crooked grind is pretty sweet and makes it even better is how stoked Matt gets after pulling it.

Matt Green Edit

Matt Green took it easy with filming for this web edit, but the final product came out sweet, with all bunch of great rail and ledge grinding at this concrete skatepark. Special guest clip from Doug Maclennan.

Matt Green 2012 Edit

Matt Green getting some style in at the Action Skatepark in Cherokee, North Carolina over the course of one day, with his friend Jamie Norton standing behind the lens. Chrome in action.
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Matt Green & Aaron Poole Edit

Matt Green and Aaron Poole recently made a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina to get some riding done and to film this quick split edit. The weather was not the best but they still managed to film all these clips.
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