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Matt Priest Going With Style Around California

If you like Californication television series, then you will sure like some BMX style Californication featuring English styler Matt Priest. Source BMX and Verde teamed up and send Matt West Side to escape the bad English weather. If your country sucks and you have bad weather all the time, took a trip to California, there is a really good chance you will have sun all the time. Watch Matt Priest above as he shreds concrete skateparks, pools, trails and ditches and makes everything look so gorgeous. It is always a treat watching Priest ride and this one is no different. I really wish this was a little bit longer. These four and a half minutes pass by like seconds. After a made this post go live I will definitely give it another watch. Maybe I blinked and missed something, who knows. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Johnny Elia.
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A Day In The Life Of Alex Coleborn

Take a look inside a random day in the life of Alex Coleborn. Alex cooks a delicious lunch, feeds his little black puppy, stretches for a little bit and heads over to the local Adrenaline Alley indoor skatepark. It’s Wednesday, so the park is closed, but open for private sessions. Alex throws one down with Matt Priest and Bob Manchester. Some really serious stuff went down in here, but I must say that the barspin to footjam tailwhip to nose tap was the highlights for me. Hit the play button above and believe me, you will be stoked seeing these three shred, especially Alex of course. Enjoy.
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Verde Oxbridge Frame Promo With Lima Eltham And Matt Priest

Verde Oxbridge Frame Promo from Verde Bikes on Vimeo.

Two of my favorite UK stylers, Lima Eltham and Matt Priest, putting their signature Verde Oxbridge frame to some serious use at various skatepark to promote it and to announce it is now available worldwide. Four minutes of style and style only. Oh and there are a few damn technical moves in here for a good measure. You will going to enjoy this one, I guarantee you.
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Verde Oxbridge Frame Review With Matt Priest And Lima

Just came over this one and I am definitely stoked I did just in time before I am going on a trip. Verde UK riders Matt Priest and Lima runs you through their signature prototype frame, the Oxbridge and what is even better, there are some fine action clips along the web video for your viewing pleasure. Get all the frame details and a nice dose of style.
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Source BMX – Matt Priest 2013 Edit

Matt priest Sourcebmx 2013 from Source bmx on Vimeo.

What a treat to watch. This new Matt Priest edit for his sponsor Source BMX has everything, street riding, park riding and trails riding, along with tons of style, roof drops, over-the-fence gaps, nose manual lines and much much more amazing stuff. I am quite sure every single one of you out there will love this one.
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Matt Priest – On The Road To Scotland

This summer Matt Priest packed a van with his friends and headed on the road to Glasgow, Scotland for the Relentless Energy House Party and along the road they made a few stops to ride their bikes. All you style addicts out there here is a treat for you, you must not miss. Enjoy the beauty.
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2013 Vans Kill The Line Highlights

The moment we have all been waiting for, the video highlights from the 2013 Vans Kill The Line contest that took place at the Peynier trails in France are here, brought to you by Red Bull. Watch, as Matt Priest, Bob Manchester, Ben Wallace, Rob Darden, Cam White and many more shred the course and pulling wild stuff.
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FFWDBMX – NASS 2013 Pro Park Finals Highlights

I knew we will be seeing more from the NASS 2013 contest, that went down this past weekend. Highlights from pro park finals, made by Mike King for the FFWDBMX. Anthony McGuirk’s 900 barspin, Matt Priest’s footjam to fakie and Mike Curley’s nose many to 360 to many to 360 were to three tricks for me.
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NASS 2013 Park Finals Highlights By Vital

NASS 2013 Park Finals – More BMX Videos

Now lets watch all the insane stunts that were pulling during the NASS 2013 event that went down this past weekend. Crazy stuff from riders like Dean Cueson, Alex Coleborn, Gregg Illingworth, Mike Curley, Matt Priest, Anthony McGuirk, Todd Meyn and more. The flair tailwhip to tuck no hander and the nose manual to 360 to manual to 360 were the definitely the highlights.
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NASS 2013 Practice Highlights

More BMX Videos
Practice highlights from the NASS 2013 event are here, brought to you by people over at the Ride UK. Some insane stuff already went down from Alex Coleborn, Dean Cueson, Jack Clarke, Jordan Aleppo, Logan Martin, Matt Priest, Mike Curley, Ryan Taylor, Todd Meyn and Tom Justice. This is going to be one wild weekend, NASS 2013 and BMX Worlds in Germany.
Oh, if you missed Curley’s nose manual show scroll down.
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