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Matthias Dandois Went Very Street-ish In Malaga

On a recent trip to Malaga, Spain Matthias Dandois managed to film this new web video for Xtreme and it came out way better than expected. We all know how creative Matthias can be and his flatland and street style of riding is simply amazing. But this new web edit is something a little different, something more street-ish. Dandois put his pegs to a pretty good use in here, but not only for his flatland combos, also for grinds. He cleared a nice double peg down a rail over a decent set of stairs and pulled a couple sweet feeble combos. There is also a pretty damn serious 360 of stairs in here, that I wasn’t expecting.
It is just a matter of time when we will be seeing Matthias Dandois pulling truck drivers. His half cab tailwhips are already pretty perfect.
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Matthias Dandois – 5 For 5 Video Interview

Fat Tony just dropped this cool video interview with Paris, France based flatland rider, the rider with constant smile on his face, Matthias Dandois. The questions and the riding fit together just perfectly, so you will definitely enjoy it watching. Matthias Dandois talk about his favorite spot for parties (yes, it is Paris, becuase he knows all the girls there!), he tells you who would be the one Haro team mate he would have on his side if he got into fight. Matthias also talks about chicken, fish, good story from the “Antipodes” Australia trip and more. Oh and I also really need to mention his first tattoo that now says “Kock n’Roll.” I hope you managed to guessed it by yourself what the original version of it was, but unfortunately he crashed and some of the tattoo got away. He can still fix it if he wants, but since he doesn’t care, I am assuming it will stay like that till the rest of his life.
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Frenchys Meeting V4

FRENCHYS MEETING V4 from frenchys on Vimeo.

For the fourth year in a row Frenchys sent their riders on their “Meeting” trip and last summer they were killing spots in the east of France. The video is now done and ready for your viewing pleasure. Featuring riding from Nico Badet, Joris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Maxime Charveron, Alex Valentino, Adrien Lecomte, Anthony Perrin, John Garcia and Ben Gea.
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Alex Jumelin – Winter Edit

Alex winter edit from alex jumelin on Vimeo.

Fresh new web edit from Frenchman, Alex Jumelin, doing it a different flat spots around Louisiana. I don’t know much about flatland riding, but I can tell you that things are getting really insane and wild in here, so even if you are not into flatland, you definitely need to check this one out. Filmed and edited by Matthias Dandois.
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XSories Promo With Matthias Dandois And Sam Partaix

Matthias Dandois and Sam Partaix got together recently with Hadrien Picard and put the XSories camera to test. It is crazy to think how good quality you can film with these small cameras and it is even better to see some fresh new footage from Matthias.
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Matthias Dandois Welcome To La Cremerie BMX

La Cremerie BMX is a shop that was the first Matthias Dandois sponsor and now, Matthias is back on their pro team and this welcome to the team edit is mind blowing. From ridiculous flatland combos to plenty of rad street/skatepark clips. I am really amazed by the clips where he pull a barspin straight into a 180 and ending the line with a half cab tailwhip. This guy is unreal.
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Matthias Dandois Off Odyssey

After three years of working together, Matthias Dandois and Odyssey are no more. There is no more info yet where is Matthias going, but I am guessing the news will drop soon.

Still Hungry #6

Still Hungry #6 from Anton Ö. Arnarson on Vimeo.

Anton Örn Arnarson is still hungry all the time and if you are hungry for some Icelandic/world BMX scene here is 11 minutes long meal for you featuring Johannes Magni, Robert Sindri, Bjarki Hardarson, Gunnlaugur Steinar, Arnor Ingi, Sindri Hauksson, Jon Runar, Jon Oli, Markus Manninen, Jens Skeppstedt, Magnus Bjarki, Nils Tjarnström, Matthias Dandois, Benedikt Benediktsson and Anton himself.
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Matthias Dandois And Yohei Uchino – Aoki Park, Tokyo

Get a quick little dose of flatland straight in your blood from Matthias Dandois and Yohei Uchino. These two got together at the Aoki Park in Tokyo and film a few rad clips to get a split edit done. Hit it.
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#BMXplore Tour Day 6 – Durban Bound

Quick video recap from the day 6 of the #BMXplore Tour with Red Bull’s Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez, visiting Durban in South Africa. A sweet animal experience along with shredding some fun looking street spots.
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