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Matthias And Terry At The V Spot

French flatland rider Matthias Dandois is currently staying at Terry Adam’s in Hammond, Louisiana. They are having sessions at Terry’s indoor place called The V Spot. Here are two videos from those guys, above is Matthias and below(read more) is Terry’s. Enjoy.
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Orange – Matthias Dandois And Maxime Charveron

Ride Sessions Orange Matthias Dandois Trip 2011 by Orange
Orange is a phone carrier in France which Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron are riding for. Here are two videos(Matthias’ above and Maxime’s below) from something like day in the life of each guy along with some really original ideas. Especially the one with Maxime, who riding at snowboard park. Enjoy.
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Matthias Dandois – No More Frontier Flat Vs Street

Videos from Matthias Dandois are always amazing and here is a proof of that plus that this one is also really artistic. Mixing flatland with street riding is just another level and is open for so much more tricks. Enjoy!

Matthias Dandois Interview

Terry Adams made an interview with flatland rider Matthias Dandois. If you want to know what is his favorite food, what kind of girls he like, what is his favorite thing to do besides BMX and a lot more visit Terry Adam’s site.

Matthias Dandois In Guadaloupe

Matthias Dandois made a new video while he spent some time in Guadaloupe. He starts riding just with two pegs in the front and putting some street moves in his flatland skills looks really amazing. Head over to Soul BMX to watch this video and check a few photos.

Matthias Dandois 3D Video

This is probably the first ever 3D web video so if you have those 3D glasses put them on and watch this 3 minutes long video featuring French flatland rider Matthias Dandois.

2011 Circel Cow Flatland Contest Pro Results

Matthias Dandois

The winer of 2011’s Circle Cow flatland contest in France is Matthias Dandois. This was the 12th Circle Cow Contest and if you want to check the list of first 8 pro riders go to FatBMX.

Matthias Dandois Wins 2011 Circle Cow

Matthias Dandois

Matthias Dandois wins this years flatland competition Circle Cow followed by Joris Bretagnolles on second place and Romain Georges on third place. To check the list of first 8 competitors and for photos from contest visit Global-Flat.