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Matthias Dandois At 2013 FISE Montpellier

I know this is all contest footage, but to hell with it, it is about Matthias Dandois and it is always awesome seeing this guy shred, no matter what. This is a compilation of clips from the 2013 FISE event in Montpellier, France.
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Red Bull Design Quest – Torino

Red Bull started a new web series with Simone Barraco, Anthony Perrin, Stefan Lantschner and Matthias Dandois, called Design Quest, where they are sending them around the (Europe), hitting different cities to see what they have to offer. First stop is Torino, Italy. This is a heavy crew, full of stylish and really technical riding so you know this is going to be good. Next stop, Milano. Can not wait.
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FISE Montpellier 2013 – BMX Avenue Street Line Highlights

Highlights from the BMX Avenue street line contest at the FISE Montpellier event featuring riding from Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino, Matthias Dandois, Simone Barraco, Brian Kachinsky, Jouris Coulomb, Arnaud Wolff and more. Last hard 180 to smith grind to backwards nose manual down the ledge from Valentino was so sick.
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FISE Montpellier 2013 – Street Finals Highlights

FISE Montpellier 2013: Street Finals – More BMX Videos

Since it is street and it is the first time they are doing it at the FISE I know you can not wait to click on that play button. Jason Phelan, Anthony Perrin, Simone Barraco, Jouris Coulomb, Brian Kachinsky, Matthias Dandois, David Budko and more going nuts at the FISE Montpellier 2013 street finals.
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2013 FISE Montpellier Results

Finale BMX Flat Pro – FR – FISE World… by fise
The 2013 FISE Montpellier even is over. Everyone who was watching the live stream saw how much amazing stuff went down during the mini ramp, flatland (if you missed the finals, watch them above) and park contests, but all you who didn’t, wait a few more hours and I am sure the first video highlights will drop.
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FISE Montpellier 2013 – Street Pro Contest

Contest BMX Street Pro – FISE World Montpellier… by fise
You missed the live stream of the FISE Montpellier 2013 Street contest? I know I did and since the weather is shitty over here I will be watching the replay, because the list of riders is heavy. Riding from Jouris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Simone Barraco, Nicolas Badet, Maxime Charveron, Brian Kachinsky and many more.
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2013 FISE Montpellier – Street Line

BMX Avenue and FISE got together to host a Street Line contest at the FISE Montpellier. Joris Coulomb, Maxime Charveron, Mathieu Peladan, Florian Montanari, Nicolas Badet, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino, Jason Phelan, Maxime Terrasson, Brian Kachinsky, Matthias Dandois and more are invited, so madness is guaranteed.

Haro BMX – Japan Tour

It is Sunday, the weather isn’t the best, so it is such a good and pleasant surprise to get to watch the Haro BMX Japan Tour video. Haro sent Ryan Nyquist, Dennis McCoy, Cory Nastazio, Dennis Enarson, Seth Klinger, Matthias Dandois and Ronnie Napolitan to Japan to hit plenty of amazing street, trails and skatepark spots, do demos and enjoy the life over there. Now here they are, back with a 22 minutes long video, directed by Terrell Gordy, that is a must see. You know the riding is on a top level in here and so is filming end editing. Hit play and enjoy.
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G-Shock – Chris Böhm And Matthias Dandois Show

Chris Böhm and Matthias Dandois were recently spending some time over in Switzerland doing shows in the name of G-Shock and here is a little something to give you an idea what was happening over there.

Haro – Matthias Dandois’ Welcome Clip

OK, I think you all know that Matthias Dandois is now riding for Haro, but you don’t know, that he has a fresh new clip for you in slow motion, well, now you know. With a style and skills like his, one clip is just enough and making it slow motion is even better. Check it out.
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