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G-Shock – Matthias Dandois Session #2

It is really amazing how good can Matthias Dandois combine his unreal flatland skills with street riding and this new web edit from G-Shock is just another proof of that. Must see.
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Matthias Dandois Welcome To Haro Bikes

And it is finally here, the official welcome to the team edit that welcomes Matthias Dandois to the Haro Bikes team. You don’t need much from Matthias for an edit, one crazy flat combos on a wet surface and in slow motion is just enough.
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Simple Session 2013 Saturday Qualifiers Highlights

When most of the BMX rider from around the globe were watching Simple Session 2013 qualifying yesterday, I am sure there are still plenty who missed it and for all you who did missed it, here are the highlights for you to check out. Witness some amazing riding from rides like Dan Foley, Stefan Lantschner, Bruno Hoffmann, Simone Barraco, Todd Meyn, Devon Smillie, Matthias Dandois and many more.
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Welded X Vans – Matthias Dandois “Dust”

Two Matthias Dandois edits in one day? Yep and this one is the one that you don’t see every day. For the launch of the Welded Studios, they dropped this awesome edit with Matthias, while he is all covered in dust. Impressive.
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Strictly BMX – Matthias Dandois Shop Clips

While Matthias Dandois was traveling around Australia with Maxime Charveron, Luc Legrand and the rest of the Soul BMX team, he made a stop at the Strictly BMX, where they stayed for some time and filmed this quickie. Matthias don’t need big space, only 2 square meters and he can start showing us his unreal moves.
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Drop The Gloves #1

Matty Brown is always somewhere on the road and always filming clips and here is a compilations of some of the best he filmed over the last year (I guess), with riders like Ruben Alcantara, Edwin De La Rosa, Matthias Dandois, Luc Legrand, Paul Ryan and many many more. Six and a half minutes of goodness. Enjoy.
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G-People – Maxime Charveron Session #2

I think we already saw a few of these clips in one of previous Maxime Charveron and Matthias Dandois edits, but who cares, this stuff is awesome and Maxime knows how to shred his bike as hard as possible.
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Matthias Dandois & Maxime Charveron As Koala & Kangaroo

While on a trip to Australia one of Matthias Dandois’ and Maxime Charveron’s challenges was to dress up as a famous Australian animal and ride BMX. Matthias dressed as koala and Maxime as kangaroo and went to the streets to get some shredding done. This is so awesome and I definitely want to see more.
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G-Shock – Maxime Charveron & Matthias Dandois Session #2

France G-Shock riders Maxime Charveron and Matthias Dandois are constantly coming out with new stuff, let it be from their trips, or just from a session in Paris, France. I don’t see if Matthias is already riding the Haro SD frame, but if he is, it shows you, that you don’t actually need a flatland bike to ride flatland on another level. If Matthias is most of the time on flat, Maxime is boosting some airs at this concrete skatepark and also gets some technical moves in.
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Antipodes – Challenges & Questions 2 W/ Matthias Dandois & Maxime Charveron

I actually don’t even know why I am posting this one up here, since I don’t understand a word these guys are saying (except those few English ones), but I thought all you Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron fans would like it. Here you have it, enjoy.