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Antipodes – Challenges & Questions 1 W/ Matthias Dandois & Maxime Charveron

I have no freaking idea what these two are talking, but they sure look funny and what is definitely the highlights of this edit is Matthias Dandois pulling a whiplash on a rainy day while wearing his underpants only.
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Bruno Hoffmann – Go Behind The Scenes Of Back To Berlin Streets

Bruno Hoffmann stayed in his home city of Berlin, Germany for two month with his fellow Red Bull rider Matthias Dandois to explore the city and to ride the amazing spots that city is offering. Anthony Perrin also joined them on adventure and the came out with some really amazing riding footage. In this exclusive bonus footage Bruno Hoffmann talks about the city, about his big apartment, that was rent by Red Bull, and along with that you will be seeing tons of leftover clips and some bails. They also did not forget about Matthias and Anthony, so you will definitely see some stuff from those two also. When you are done watching, make sure you click the read more button and check the photo gallery that we have of Bruno Hoffmann and read a pretty cool interview about the whole project. Bruno sure is one of the best street riders in the world at the moment and projects like this make him even better. Seat back, relax and enjoy the edit.
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Russian BMX Awards 2012 Official Video

On December 21st, 2012, the 2012 Russian BMX Awards went down at Saturn cinema, with the after party at Zavtra club. All the BMX riders and fans came to find out who are the winner and to have one hell of a party. There is also some flatland riding in here from Matthias Dandois. Russia has some really amazing riders and I know we will bee seeing tons of fresh faces each and every year. Enjoy.
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Since I can not really figure out what the title means I just copied and paste it (lucky you French guys who understand it). This is a mixtape that was in the works over the past year at various spots around Bruxelles, Berlin, Sarrebruck and north-east of France. French guys and other European riders came out solid with this one. Featuring Adrien Lecomte, Paul Lecomte, Fred D Cham, Momo, Sam Pauchard, Manuel Recktenwald, Xavier Petit, Matthias Dandois, Jason Phelan and more.

G-Shock “Real Toughness Tokyo 2012” Flatland Special

The flatland scene in Japan sure is the strongest right now and contests like the Real Toughness, that took place in Tokyo and was sponsored by G-Shock, are showing exactly that. Watch the highlights featuring the best flatland riders in the world, Viki Gomez, Matthias Dandois, Yohei Uchino, Travis Collier, Calvin Tan, Kotaro Tanaka, Tim Hsieh, Hiroya Morizaki and more.

Maxime Charveron – Sosh Episode 7

During Frenchy’s Meeting V3 tour, Maxime Charveron and Matthias Dandois stole Hadrien Picard’s camera and decided to film an edit by themselves. This happened when they were in Lyon, France, so you will be seeing some really good streets spots and some really good flatland and street riding. Find out what they managed to get above.
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Bruno Hoffmann – Back To Berlin Streets Episode 2

Yes! The second episode of Red Bull’s Bruno Hoffman “Back To Berlin Streets” web series is here and ready to get us all stoked. Bruno invited his friends Matthias Dandois, Anthony Perrin, Mario Waffenschmidt, Dennis Kicza, Stefan Lantschner and others to hang out at his apartment in Berlin, Germany and to search for spots around the city. Press play above and enjoy in some dope street and flatland riding. Stay tunned for the third episode.
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Matthias Dandois – Sosh Episode 4

There is a big portion of really, I mean really, good flatland combos from Matthias Dandois. Matthias simply killed it and so did Maxime Charveron, Julien Masse and Alex Valentino who all also have a few clips in this one. Can I say that the last trick is unreal?
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Matthias Dandois On Haro

And here is the news, Matthias Dandois, after leaving his sponsor Ares Bykes, has now joined Haro and will be part of their 2013 team. For his frame he choose the Dennis Enarson’s SD V2 frame. Yep, he does not need a flatland bike to throw all those amazing combos down. Check out the press release below.
“Having Matthias Dandois on HARO Bikes is great news for HARO’s brand awereness in Europe. The well liked and approachable Frenchie is on the case non stop. From joining tours to doing demos, to entering contests to doing TV shows, Matthias does it all,” says HARO’s European Marketing manager Bart de Jong. “Matthias will come to a town near you in 2013.”
Colin MacKay (HARO US TM) added: “I first saw Matthias in France battling his flatland skills against some break-dancers, I was amazed at his way of riding, no kicking and scuffing the tires like I used to see. He had a modern style and amazing flow. I got to know him over the last few years and I have often thought about him riding for Haro.
Now in 2012, Matthias has expanded his riding skills from just riding Flatland to also riding Street. He still regularly wins flat contests and travels the world riding BMX and having the time of his life. I’m really excited to have him on the team and look forward to seeing Matthias riding a Haro bike.”
In the short time that Matthias has been on board he has traveled to Japan for an event, has done a show for a major TV station in France and is preparing to go to Moscow for the Russian BMX Awards show. This is what Matthias Dandois has to say about his new ride: “Nobody has an idea how stoked I am to ride for Haro! First of all Haro is a legendary brand that gave so much for freestyle! Also, my riding has been changing a lot this past year: I try to ride a little bit of everything now so I needed a frame that actually fit my riding. The Haro SD V2 (Dennis Enarson signature frame) is perfect for me, I can ride Flat, Street, Park, whatever with it. I already had a couple of sessions on it and it feels amazing! And how cool is it to ride your friend’s frame! Last but not least, the team is stacked with amazing riders that are all friends of mine. You can’t go wrong roadtrippin’ with your homies! I’m excited to say the least!”
Everyone at HARO would like to officially welcome Matthias to the HARO Bikes team.”

Matthias Dandois Off Ares Bykes

This is some big news, Matthias Dandois will be no longer riding for Ares Bykes. The word is already saying where he will be going next, but more on that very soon.