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Bruno Hoffmann – Back To Berlin Streets Episode 1

And it is finally here. The first episode of Bruno Hoffmann’s “Back To Berlin Streets” project, that he was working on over two months with Red Bull just dropped. Matthias Dandois and Anthony Perrin joined Bruno, while exploring the city and completely destroying every single spot. Bruno one more time showed us that he definitely is one of the best street riders in the world. Episode 2 will be out soon. The list of bangers is to big, so press play and enjoy in the street goodness.
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Clande On Tour

Clande Distribution out of France spent a week back in July on the road around France, visiting shops and hitting some crazy spots. Luc Legrand, Vincent Primel, Thomas Caillard, Antoine Sabourin and more along with special guests like Alex Valentino, Matthias Dandois and others. One of the main highlights is the guy on motocross bike at 14:00. If it is snowing outside and you don’t know what to do, I highly recommend you to watch this one.

Frenchys Meeting V3 – Bonus

With the launch of their new web site, Frenchys also upload to vimeo the bonus section from the Meeting V3 video. It includes, crashes, attempts, second angles and some clips that didn’t get in the video. Featuring Maxime Charveron, Matthias Dandois, Alex Valentino, Adrien Lecomte, Ben Gea, John Garcia, Nico Badet, Julien Masse and Matt Roe. When you finish with watching, head over to their fresh new site.
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2012 Vans Rebeljam – Flatland

Have you already forgot about the 2012 Vans Rebeljam that went down in Tosa de Mar, Spain? If yes, we are here to remember you how crazy it was. Actually how crazy guys at flatland course were. Click play and enjoy in wild combos from one of world’s top flatland riders.
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Matthias Dandois X VLNC Edit

One of French’s finest flatland rider Matthias Dandois gets on a boat to seek for a new spot to session. Kevin Calvez and Jeremie Carrere were there for him to capture the best moments and to make this edit happen. Great filming and editing, good song choice and of course some proper stuff from Matthias on that tight looking spots.
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Slow Motion Test With Matthias Dandois

After four months of waiting, Hadrien Picard finally received the Sony FS 700 camera. He somehow hates slow motions and slow motion edits, but could not resist to make one, to test the camera and to show you how good it really is. He met up with Matthias Dandois on a rainy day in Paris to film a line from a different angles. The final result sure is amazing and this is basically a 10 seconds long clip slowed down to 90 seconds.
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How To Whiplash With Matthias Dandois

In the fourth episode of Ride Sessions’ Sosh, Matthias Dandois will teach you a very popular flatland trick that is also getting popular, or maybe better to say, it already is, in the street riding. I think you wont get a better how to, so click play, get all the tips and check a few variations of it above. It’s in French but with English subtitles.
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Bruno Hoffmann – Back To Berlin Streets Teaser

Later this month a new edit from German Red Bull rider Bruno Hoffman will drop. Red Bull helped Bruno rent an apartment in the middle of Berlin for a few months to ride and to film for this new web edit. Here is just a quick teaser and by watching it, it shows that we will be seeing some amazing street shredding. Maybe there will be also a few clips from Matthias Dandois in it, maybe not, who knows.
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Wethepeople – The Dawn Tour

To celebrate the release of Maxime Charveron’s signature Wethepeople The Dawn frame, Frenchys took Maxime himself, Jason Phelan, Mike Curley and Matthias Dandois on a little trip across France visiting all the bigger BMX shops. Along the road they stopped at some of the best streets spots and filmed tons of ridiculously good stuff. Filmed and edited by Will Evans. Must see.
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Red Bull Skylines – A day Before Contest

The Red Bull Skylines contest is on today, but Matthias Dandois, Gary Young, Dylan Stark and a few other cruised around the city of Paris, France a day before to get some riding done. Dylan threw down some wild stuff and Gary get crazy on a city bike.
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