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Facebook Giveaway Reminder

As you may know by now, we are doing a little giveaway up on our Facebook page and for all you who don’t, here is a quick reminder.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Opposite Smith Grind

We are back with another installment in our Tricktionary Friday, this time we are doing it the opposite way. Watch Rok Krivec above showing you how an opposite smith grind should look like at this perfect white flat ledges, located somewhere in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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Mellon Bike Checks – Zack Gerber

Last week we got Zack Gerber answering on our quick seven questions for our Mellon 7’s section and this week we are here, showing you his current whip along with 3 questions long interview. Check his parts list, more bike photos and read the interview after the jump.
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Contest Postponed…

Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Un-Luc-E Grind

Since time is flying by so quick and tons of stuff is going on all the time, we skipped last week’s Tricktionary and are back with a new installment for this week. We didn’t knew if the weather will be working out during filming, so we headed to local indoor skatepark where Rok Krivec filmed the Un-Luc-E grind for our “Tricktionary Friday”. This grind is so much fun and you can link it in with tons of other stuff, so go out learn it and have fun with it.
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Mellon 7’s – Zack Gerber

It has been a while since out last Mellon 7’s interview, but here we are back with a fresh one. For this week we got crazy front flip and (now) flair to fakie drop down the loading dock master Zack Gerber. Find out what he has to say about BMX community, what joke he will tell you and more after the jump.
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BMX Worlds 2012 Live On Mellon BMX

BMX Worlds 2012, that are happening in Cologne, Germany at Jugendpark are only six hours away from the start. All you who have time, because the weather is shitty, or you are hurt, or you just wanna chill and watch world top riders go crazy, seat back, relax, prepare something to eat and drink and watch it live with us right here on Mellon BMX page.
Thanks to Freecaster.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Toboggan

Here it is guys, another installment in our Tricktionary Friday. The weather pretty much sucks all the time over here so we waited till today to get some dry weather and time for this to film and here it is, the Toboggan and one variation of it at the end. Hope you like it and tell your friends about it.
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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Nollie

Friday is here and so is our Tricktionary Friday where we try to show you guys how tricks look from different angles. If bonnyhop is one of the first tricks you need to learn starting BMX riding, nollie is not. It is completely opposite of bunnyhop, so here, Rok Krivec, tries to show you guys how it looks and gives you an example how this trick can be mixed with others.
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Mellon BMX Friday Tricktionary – Smith Grind

It is this time of the week again when we got new installment in our Tricktionary Friday for all you guys out there. For this week Rok Krivec will show you how a smith grind is done and give you one idea what you can do out of it.
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