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Mellon 7’s – Sal Saavedra

We caught up with a young rider and Mike’s brother Sal Saavedra to get a quick interview done and to find out how good he is with jokes, what was his worst injury, what he thinks about the whole BMX community and more. Hit read more and read it.
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MellonBMX Interview On LBC

A friend of mine over at The LBC blog made an interview with me about MellonBMX. If you want to know what Mellon is all about, what name “Mellon” means and more, hit this link and read it. Thanks for giving me this opportunity Svit.

[Sticky] MellonBMX: Tricktionary Friday – Feeble Grind

Man, weeks are passing by like crazy and here is already a new episode of our “Tricktionary Friday” with Rok Krivec. This week we bring you feeble grind and two variations out of it at the end of the clip. Hope you like it and enjoy. After you are done watching, go like our Facebook Site.

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[Sticky] MellonBMX: Tricktionary Friday – Double Peg

And another episode of our Tricktionary Friday is here, featuring Rok Krivec demonstrating the classic grind, double peg. What was crazy is that at first we decided to film a 360 but it was to freaking windy to film it and also guards came, so we headed to another spots where just nothing went right and finally decided to go to the local skatepark, set a rail outside and film this double peg. Hope you like it.

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[Sticky] MellonBMX: Tricktionary Friday – Toothpick Hangover

Another week and another episode of our Tricktionary Friday. This time we bring you the toothpick hangover grind. Get a better look at it and find out how you can link it in one of a million combinations.
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[Sticky] MellonBMX: Tricktionary Friday – The 180

It is Friday and you know it is time for a new episode of our “Tricktionary Friday.” This time Rok Krivec will try to show you how a 180 looks like and how it is done. If you are not familiar with the Tricktionary yet get all the info after the jump. Enjoy.
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MellonBMX X S&M Giveaway – Ended

Our recent S&M L7 sprocket giveaway has ended. We would like to say a really BIG thanks to all of you who entered and S&M for sponsoring the giveaway.
To make it as random as possible we used the number generator to pick the winner. How we did it? We put the number of comments in the generator, it generated the number of the comment, we searched it and here it is…

The winner who will get S&M L7 sprocket and stickers is… Erik Dabrowski.
Congratulations Erik.

For the rest of you, this is not our last giveaway, so there will still be chances on winning some free stuff.

[Sticky] MellonBMX: Tricktionary Friday – Barspin

We started Tricktionary to show future generations and all others who are already riding BMX a better view on the trick and the difference between regular and opposite. Tricktionary is not a How-To, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t learn from it. Each week we will try to make a new clip to fill the Tricktionary pages until it is full or we won’t be able to make any other.
In this week’s edition Rok Krivec demonstrates barspins.

Filmed & Edit: Luka Kovic, Evolution Production
Music: Barrows-Apparition by Moonlight
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MellonBMX X S&M Giveaway

You guys know that we have always something new for you. We are hosting another giveaway where we teamed up with S&M to give you a black L7 splined sprocket, size 25T and six stickers.
CLICK ON THIS LINK and enter. Good luck!

Simple Session 12 On MellonBMX

All you who have time and want to watch Simple Session 12 in Tallinn, Estonia live, can do it here on MellonBMX. It’s going to be sick, amazing and unbelievable, that’s for sure.
If you would like to check who is in which group, read more and check the qualification startlist.
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