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Merritt – Inaugural Stem Promo

Inaugural Stem Promo from Merritt Bmx on Vimeo.

If you give a steam to a heavy crew of riders like Merritt’s team is and if it holds everything, then it holds the world. Check out this promotional video to promote the launch of the Merritt Inaugural frontload and topload stem. Featuring riding from Mike Brennan, Paul Barnum, Dave Krone, Jim Borio, Diogo Santos, Justin Care, Brandon Begin, Cory Wiergowski, Stephan Salley, Greg Henry, Scott McMenamin, Dustin Lee, Pete Sawyer, Charlie Crumlish, Steve Savage, Pablo Nunez and Chris Childs.
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2013 New England Jam Chowda Highlights

Video highlights from this year’s version of the New England Jam Chowda that went down on October 6th in Danielson, CT. You will see that the course was ridiculous and that the riders murdered pretty much every inch of it. Lots and lots of good stuff in here from riders like Mike Brennan, Dave Krone, Rob Clancy, Justin Care, Nick Amer and more.

Merritt BMX – Rockwell Session

A little while ago Merritt BMX’s Brandon Begin and Mike Brennan threw a session down at the Rockwell skatepark and this is what they managed to film while warming up. A quick one but a sweet one, enjoy.
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Mike Brennan On Colony

After parting ways with Wethepeople a few months ago, Mike Brennan has been without frame sponsor and look at the news today, he joined the Australian based company, Colony.
“We are stoked to announce the one of New Jersey’s finest, Mike Brennan is now riding for Colony. I’ve known Mike for a little while now and everytime we could talk I could tell more and more that he was one the same page as us and things just fell into place from there. Next minute we are sending some products and the rest is history. I look forward to hanging out with Mike some more and collecting footage for future Colony project because we all know he goes hard!”– Cooper Brownlee
“A few months back Cooper had told me that Mike had expressed interest and good words about what we have going on at Colony. I was stoked to hear this for sure. It wasn’t until a few months later that we had the chance to meet up at Interbike and right away from that first meeting, I knew this was going to happen. Mike is a down to earth guy with the right out look on BMX and life in general. I am stoked to have him a part of the family and I look forward to the years ahead.”– Clint Millar

Merritt – East Coast Road Trip

Merritt crew took a trip to the East Coast a little while ago to promote the newly created BMX parts brand with hitting up spots and filming clips for this new piece. Featuring riding from Justin Care, Charlie Crumlish, Brandon Begin, Chris Childs, Pete Sawyer, Mike Brennan and more. Merritt has a heavy crew and all that means is that heavy stuff went down.
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Merritt Spots And Shops Tour

Merritt riders, Charlie Crumlish, Brandon Begin, Pete Sawyer, Justin Care, Jim Borio, Mike Brennan and Chris Childs, are going on another tour, visiting shops and skateparks, starting August 17th.

Merritt Spots And Shop – Park Edit

The original Merritt Spots And Shops web video dropped last week and this is some kind of bonus section from the skateparks they visited while cruising around New England. Mike Brennan, Pauly Barnmu and the rest of the crew came out pretty hot and the big smith to hard 360 from Brennan is really big.
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Merritt Spots And Shops

Merritt crew, Brandon Begin, Mike Brennan, Brad Simms, Justin Care, Brian Foster and Pauly Barnum, made a short trip through New England visiting The Daily Grind, Circuit BMX, Maul’s Bike Shop and Tony’s Bikes and Sports and several street spots in between. If you ask me, I didn’t really expect this one to include so many bangers. The 180 to double peg to fakie downside tailwhip (or how to call that) was unreal.
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Merritt – Mike Brennan Mighty Sprocket Promo

Merritt’s Mighty sprocket is a US made sprocket made out of 7075 aluminum with a polycarbonate insert and comes in three different color options, black, read and clear, along with two sizes, 25T and 28T. Take a look at how this bastards are made and watch Mike Brennan putting it to some really good use. If it holds Mike, it can holds everyone out there.
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Merritt Shop Stop Tour

Merritt is sending Brad Simms, Brian Foster, Justin Care, Mike Brennan and Paul Barnum on a shop tour, visiting The Daily Grind, Circuit BMX, Dick Maul’s and Tony’s Bike & Sports. For dates check above.