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Mike Clark Aka Hucker Welcome To ODI Grips Edit

Mike Clark aka Hucker joined the ODI Grips squad and this is his official video introduction, which is a must watch. Mike is an all around shredder, he can kill trails and he can kill skateparks. He is always having so much fun riding his bike and always puts out such good vibes. From shredding the famous Sheep Hill trails to bombing Herada skatepark and more. Try not miss this one because if you do, you will do crime. The one and only Mike Hucker is solid and he is capable of pretty much everything he wants. Dude shreds super hard so press play button above and enjoy watching Hucker in action.

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Demolition “Northwest Trails Trip” Shop Stop Edit

Demolition Parts: Northwest Trails Trip Shop Stops. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

It wasn’t just trail that Demolition riders were shredding on their Northwest Trails Trip, they also stopped at three shops, Go Huck Yourself, GonRacing and Cycle Path and completely destroyed all three. Featuring riding from Rob Wise, Chris Doyle, Dave Dillewaard, Ronnie Napolitan, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Kris Fox. Another must watch today.
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Demolition – Northwest Trails Trip Gallery And Interview

Demolition took Ronnie Napolitan, Dave Dillewaard, Chris Doyle, Rob Wise, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Kris Fox on the Northwest Trails trip last year and the video they managed to film was simply amazing. Today they dropped a photo gallery and really short interviews with each rider on the trip.

Insane Hang 5 From Mike “Hucker” Clark

I just saw this insane roll in hang 5 from Mike Clark aka Hucker one more time and decided it is time to get it on the site. This is insane stuff.
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Drew Bezanson And Friends Shred The Vans Mini Ramp

Red Bull’s Drew Bezanson recently got a chance to threw down a privet session at the Vans skatepark. He invited a few friends to join him at the mini ramp and this is what happened. Drew along with Daniel Sandoval and Mike “Hucker” Clark completely destroyed the ramp and Drew did some really amazing stunts in it. The handplant on Hucer was gold.
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Demolition – Northwest Trails Trip

Demoliton Parts: Northwest Trails Trip Video. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Demolition crew, Chris Doyle, Dave Dillewaard, Ronnie Napolitan, Kris Fox, Rob Wise and Mike “Hucker” Clark, took a trip around the Northwest to hit up trails spots (and also some concrete) and came back home with this amazing collection of clips. You know the saying, heavy crew means heavy riding, and it goes along this video perfectly. Get a proper dose of trails riding above and get stoked.
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Red Bull Urban Rhythm Video

Here is now the video from the Red Bull Urban Rhythm event that went down in Houston. BMX riders were build this crazy course and graffiti artists were creating masterpieces on walls. Riding from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Mike Aitken, Coco Zurita, Tyler Fernengel, Drew Bezanson, Aaron Ross and more. Check out what happened over there by checking the vid above.
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Red Bull Trail Loop w/ Mike “Hucker” Clark – Behind The Scenes

We have seen the original video from the Red Bull Trail Loop project they did with Mike “Hucker” Clark, but lets watch now the behind the scenes of the building and first Hucker attempts.
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Full Dirt Loop w/ Mike “Hucker” Clark

Red Bull has done it again. Here is a video from one of their newest projects they did with their rider Mike “Hucker” Clark. Hucker clears the first ever full loop that was built in between a set of trails. And this is not all. When you are done watching, take a look at the behind the scenes video and read a few words about the project.
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Red Bull Urban Rhythm Teaser

Here is just a quick look at what was going on at the Red Bull Urban Rhythm event, that went down on November 20th in Houston. Riding from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson, Morgan Wade, Tyler Fernengel, Dan Norvell and more. Can not wait to see the video highlights, this course is ridiculous.
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