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2013 Vans Kill The Line Teaser #2

Second teaser for the 2013 Vans Kill The Line even that is happening from September 7th to September 8th at the Peynier trails in France. If you still aren’t familiar with what Vans Kill The Line really easy, you need to watch the video highlights from last year’s contest below and get familiar.

“The Pine woods are on fire again: On teh 7th and 8th of September 2013 Europe’s most renown trail contest Vans Kill The Line is happening for the 5th consecutive time. In the Southern France village of Peynier the international BMX dirt elite is gathering again for the probably most laid.back contest of the season. The already rad line-up of last years even will be even bettered – TJ Ellis, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Cory Nastazio, Cam White, Simon Moratz or Maxime Charveron are only some of the names to be mentioned. Anyone who is a professional BMX rider and wants to shred with his dirt idols should definitely be ready for Vans Kill The Line 2013. For all informations, hotel-deals etc. check
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2013 Mongoose Jam Highlights – Complete

2013 Mongoose Jam was the kind of jam where there could be a million of highlights dropping and they will still all be worth a watch. Yep, so many crazy stuff went down in all three contests, dirt, park and street from one of the best riders in the game. Chad Kerley, Chris Doyle, Jeremiah Smith, Kevin Peraza, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Dennis Enarson and many more where there, each competing in his own team. Team McCann was the winner followed by team Peraza, team Wallace, team Illingworth, team Ryan and team White. Be amazed, be very amazed. Seen on Ride.
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Ride And Seek – Street And Park Sessions In Cali Ep. 2

In the second episode of Red Bull’s “Ride And Seek” series Corey Martinez head out to Long Beach, California to met up with Tony Neyer and Mike “Hucker” Clark to get some street and skatepark riding done, before Corey gets Tony on board for the motorcycle trip from Nashville to Key West. There is all bunch of really solid riding in here. Guest appearance by Shawn McIntosh, Ryan “Biz” Jordan and Morgan Long. It looks like it is one more intro-series to come, where Corey will be convincing Garrett Reynolds to join them on the trip and they are off.
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First Session At Red Bull Dreamline

Video clip from the first session over at the Red Bull Dreamline course featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark, Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Ben Wallace, TJ Ellis and more. The course for this contest is ridiculous and like everyone is saying it is going to be gnarly. How gnarly? We shall see when the highlights from qualifications and finals drop.
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Woodward West – Monday Night Pro Dirt Session

Week nine at the Woodward West kicked off with a proper night session over at the trails with Dennis Enarson, Drew Bezanson, Kris Fox, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Jake Kinney and Morgan Wade plus campers. With a crew as heavy as this one is, there is no doubt the session wild be wild and crazy.
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Demolition – Go Huck Yourself Instagram Contest

So here is the deal. If you can air really high you are lucky, because this is what Demolition’s new “Go Huck Yourself” Instagram contest is all about. Post a photo of yourself while going as high as possible up there, tag it with #gohuckyourselfcontest and Mike “Hucker” Clark will be picking the winner August 1st.

9th Annual Santa Fe Trail Jam

The 9th annual Santa Fe Trail Jam is happening tomorrow, Saturday, July 13th, 2013, at the La Tierra trails, starting at 5PM. The jam is open to everyone, so you know you wanna go here, there is going to b live music and you will be able to ride the trails with Anthony Napolitan and Mike “Hucker” Clark.

New S&M Tank Top And T-Shirt

If you are looking to gear yourself up and look good in front of the ladies, S&M now has new goods for you. As you can see above, one is Mike “Hucker” Clark’s tank top and the other is Mike Hoder’s Ring T-shirt.

Remembering X Games With Mike “Hucker” Clark

Mike “Hucker” Clark remembers growing up watching X Games, getting his first real BMX bike and this year, when he finally got the opportunity to compete at X Games Dirt. Dream come true for Hucker.
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2013 – Event Recap

Red Bull threw together a quick little event recap video from the Dirt Conquers 2013 contest, to show you a few clips from the building the course and riders like Ryan Nyquist, Ryan Guettler, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more going wild.
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