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2013 Sheep Hills Jam Highlights

In May 2013, the Sheep Hills Jam went down at the trails in Costa Mesa, California, to raise funds for fellow BMX rider Mike Brown who went down hard. Stephen Murray, TJ Ellis, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin and more came to shred and support Mike. For donations go to
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Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC

And it is finally here. The Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC dropped and it is something you must not miss. Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall took a trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to shred their bikes. I am sure they had the best time over at Mat Hoffman’s place and seeing Hucker pulling a massive flair on his vert is mind blowing.
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4Down – S&M Frames Unboxing

It is Friday and it is time for a fresh new installment in 4Down’s Product video of the week, where they are showing you two of S&M?S frames, Mike “Hucker” Clark’s signature and Clint Reynold’s signature Credence. Both of these bikes are made in the USA and will satisfy your needs.
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Bangers And Mash Jam

Bangers & Mash Jam – More BMX Videos

The Bangers And Mash Jam recently went down at the Stay Strong Compound to celebrate Cory Nastazio’s birthday and here are the highlights from the day, featuring riding from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Anthony Napolitan, Jared Eberwein, Big Daddy, Zak Early and more. I guess I also need to host a jam for my birthday, cause it looks like this was one proper day.
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Mike “Hucker” Clark Demolition Ad

Demolition’s latest print ad featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark with super extended superman, promoting their Revolt cranks. You can find this photo, shot by Justin Kosman, in the 13th issue of The Albion magazine.

Red Bull Performance Camp 2013 Highlights

We already posted a video from the Red Bull Performance Camp 2013, the extended version, and here is another one, the highlights version. This is really amazing seeing all the world top pro riders training and not only riding their bikes, but yes, there is a serious amount of crazy moves in here from Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson, Ryan Guettler, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel and others.
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2013 Ramp Jam

If you would like to hang out with S&M and Fit riders Mike “Hucker” Clark, Shawn McIntosh, AJ Anaya, Jared Swafford, Juan Guerrero, Justin Spriet and Nick Tarrant, you better go to the Sierra Bike Works in San Bernardino, California, tomorrow, Saturday, May 4th. Check full flier after the jump.
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Skullcandy #CrushingIt2OKC Teaser

Skullcandy took Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Justin Kosman and Tim “Fuzzy” Hall on a seven days long trip from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to ride and film for an upcoming video. They now dropped the teaser for the final product, that will be out on 21st this month.
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Red Bull Performance Camp 2013

Red Bull invited their top BMX athletes to Drew Bezanson’s local spot, the Joyride 150, for a week of shredding their bikes and training their bodies. I think each and every BMX rider out there should do at least one more sport besides riding his bike, because after a month, or two, you will see how faster you will start progressing on BMX and also something very important, there will be less injuries. Watch Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Daniel Dhers, Corey Bohan, Anthony Napolitan, Daniel Sandoval, Tyler Fernengel and Anthony Perrin as they enjoy the week.
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X Games Brazil – Park, Dirt & Big Air Highlights

The 2013 X Games in Brazil are over and here are the highlights from the park, dirt and big air contests. You will be seeing madness from Kyle Baldock, Drew Bezanson, Pat Casey, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Brandon Dosch, Zack Warden, Vince Byron, Chad Kagy and more.

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