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24 Hours In Queenstown With Mike “Hucker” Clark

Red Bull spent a day with Mike “Hucker” Clark enjoying the life around Queenstown. First he got on the mountain with a helicopter to get a photo shooting done, than throws a quick session at the George Rd Jump Park down and also some downhill mountain biking and finally gets himself into the Lake Hayes. That sounds something like a perfect day.
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Best Of Boozer Jam 2013

This past weekend the 2013 Boozer Jam took place at the Sheep Hills in Costa Mesa and here is a collection of best clips, featuring Ryan Guettler, AJ Anaya, TJ Ellis, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin, Ronnie Napolitan, Kris Fox and many more. The jam was a huge success, but unfortunately Ryan crashed pretty badly. We all know how strong he is, so stay strong Ryan and get well soon.
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Mike “Hucker” Clark Welcome To Vans

Huntington Beach, California based Mike “Hucker” Clark is the newest member of the Vans team and here is his welcome to the team edit. Not you normal welcome edit, but a much better one. Also find out why Hucker is called Hucker, if you don’t know already.
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DC Shoes BMX Team No More

Big bad news. Unfortunately there will be no more DC Shoes BMX team. They had an amazing team of riders, made several amazing projects, but now it is all gone. That means Alfredo Mancuso, Anthony Napolitan, Brett Banasiewicz, Broc Raiford, Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Dylan Stark, Edwin De La Rosa, Jeremiah Smith, Kelly Bolton, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Rob Wise, Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Stevie Churchill are off DC.

Friday Night Session In The Hangar

Kevin Peraza, Ryan Guettler, Pat Casey, Ricky Moseley, AJ Anaya, Daniel Sandoval, Colton Satterfield, Victor Salazar and Mike “Hucker” Clark having a Friday fun at the Woodward West. You want to hang out with pros? Make your way over there and have fun.

Just For Fun Road Trip Edit Part 2

Here is the second part of the Just For Fun Road Trip with Drew Bezanson, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Zak Earley, Ronnie Napolitan, Chase Hawk and Josh Clemens. Chase ended up the trip early, but still get some rad clips and so did the rest of the guys. Trips like this one sure are the best. Enjoy.
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Just For Fun Roadtrip Edit

Mike “Hucker” Clark, Drew Bezanson, Zak Earley and Ronnie Napolitan spent some time on the road in the Northwest just to have some fun on their bikes, no pressure, no contests, no nothing. What came out is this awesome web edit that includes a lot of sick GoPro shots along with tons of other great riding. Guest appearance from Chase Hawk.
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Mike “Hucker” Clark S&M Ad

S&M Bikes’ latest print ad featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark promoting his signature Hucker frame. No crazy nose dived 360 one-footers, but just a ‘simple’ bar ride at The Building. This version of the shield sure looks cool.

DC Shoes – BMX Team Lands A Hand To Needy Children

DC Shoes’ team recently visited San Diego to participate in the Junior Seau Foundation “Shop with a Jock” program. They threw down a demo for the underprivileged kids and what is even better, each member of the team took one kid shopping at Target to buy gifts for their families and for themselves.

ARF – Certified Vs Non-Certified Bicycle Helmet Impact Test

Beafore you stop reading, please do me a favor, press that play button and watch this video clip.
Athlete Recover Fund invited pro riders Chad Kerley, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Brandon Dosch to show them the difference between the certified and non-certified helmets with the impact test. The results show that the G Force is five times smaller when using the certified helmets. One thing is sure, don’t be a tough guy with wearing a non-certified helmet. There is too much accidents lately because of these helmets and we don’t want to lose more of you guys.
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