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Skullcandy – Island Fever

Skullcandy sent Rob Wise, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Drew Bezanson for a week to the North Shore, to this amazing Oahu island in Hawaii. Guys had fun exploring the island, searching for new street and skatepark spots, ride, surf and flirt with all those beautiful women. Justin Kosman was there with them to capture all the best clips and threw them together in this one piece. The icepick stall to over tundown on that fence and the last tailwhip drop were unbelievable. This is the edit that will definitely made you jealous. Enjoy.
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S&M Mike “Hucker” Clark Frame Out Now

After almost a year in development, Mike “Hucker” Clark’s signature S&M frame is finally available. This frame features a 75° head tube angle, 71° seat tube angle, 13.3″ chainstay length, 8.8″ standover height and 11.7″ bottom bracket height. The frame is available in four different sizes (20.5″, 20.75″, 21″ and 21.25″) and comes in trans matte black and copper and wights 4.86 lbs (2.15 kg). For more info and photos click here.

Demolition “Last Chance” – Mix Section

New month is here and this means new section from Demolition’s “Last Chance” DVD is here. This is the mix section from the video featuring Stevie Churchill, Ronnie Napolitan, Matty Long, Pat Casey, Russ Barone, Drew Hosselton, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more. Enjoy.
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Skullcandy – Island Fever Teaser

Skullcandy sent Rob Wise, Drew Bezanson and Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Justin Kosman behind the lens, for a week out on the north shore of Hawaii to ride, surf and have fun. The full edit is dropping soon and I am sure all of you will get really stoked after watching the teaser.

Gettin Awesome – How To Hang Five With Mike “Hucker” Clark & Ryan Nyquist

In the next episode of Getting Awesome Mike “Hucker” Clark teaches Ryan Nyquist how to hang 5 and how to hop into it. Ryan pulls it and Hucker gets a crazy version of it done at 2:00. The next episode looks extremely fun to me.
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Red Bull Full Circle – 16ft Full Pipe Loop By Morgan Wade

Can this get any more crazy, insane, wild, ridiculous, amazing, stormy? Red Bull Full Circle is a project with Sebastian Keep, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Morgan Wade, Cameron Wood and Matt Beringer, where they are in search of this massive full pipe, better know as the “the hell hole”, in the Wyoming countryside. While others are having fun riding it and trying to get as high as possible, Morgan decided to loop it. He pulled this 16ft full pipe perfectly and also broke the world record.
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[Re-Up] Demolition X QBP – North East Trails Trip

This amazing video is now embeddable and it sure deserves another watch.

Exclusive Demolition X QBP North East Trails Trip edit featuring Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Ronnie Napolitan, Dave Dillewaard, Kris Fox, Mike “Hucker” Clark along with Mike Mastroni behind the lens and photographer Joey Cobbs. The trip was pretty much organized by Doyle with help from Demolition and QBP, where he took the crew to some of the finest North East trails. With a crazy team like this one was, you know you will be seeing tons of good riding.
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Mike “Hucker” Clark At 2012 Texas Toast Jam

Here is a little behind the scenes look featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark from the 2012 Texas Toast Jam, put together by David Lackey. Watch a little something that went down during the contest and words from some of the people who make it happen.

Mike “Hucker” Clark S&M Ad

S&M’s latest print ad that you will be seeing in the Ride BMX magazine featuring Mike “Hucker” Clark throwing down a huge tuck no-hander over a set of trails. Hucker will also compete at this weekend’s Dew Tour stop in San Francisco.

Getting Awesome – How To Bar Ride A BMX With Ryan Nyquist & Mike “Hucker” Clark

It is the series premiere of the new web series with Ryan Nyquist and Network A called “Getting Awesome” that will drop every Thursday. This episode features Mike “Hucker” Clark teaching Ryan Nyquist how to bar ride. It’s not that easy of a trick as it looks and it gives Ryan quite some problems. You think he pulled it? Watch above and see it for yourself.
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