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Haro Team Session At Pat Casey’s

Haro Team Session at Pat Casey’s. from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

Haro team riders Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson and Colin Mackay enjoying an afternoon at Casey’s backyard ramp setup in Riverside, California. Who wouldn’t have a setup like this one? This is rad and with a heavy crew like Haro’s is expect to see some solid shredding. Filmed and edited by Justin Kosman.
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The Nocturnal Volume 2

The Nocturnal Volume 2 from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

The Nocturnal is a video project that was first shot a few years back at the Joyride 150 indoor skatepark with an idea to turn off all the overhead light and shot an edit using only reflectors and video lights. Now they are back with the second installment in the project shot at the skate plaza of the Joyride 150 featuring Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray, Ben Kavanagh and Dillon Lloyd. So much good riding in here… enjoy.

Endeavorbmx – The Nocturnal from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

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Tyler Fernengel And Mike Gray Now On Haro

New Haro Riders Revealed for 2014 from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

The news is now here. Haro just revealed their two new additions to their team for 2014 and they are Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray. Bot, Tyler and Fernengel, are super dope young riders with full of skills, big bag of tricks and some really amazing style of riding. Expect to see a lot more from these two in the coming months.
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Mike Gray – 10 Links At Poway

Mike Gray: 10 Links at Poway – More BMX Videos

Ten seriously amazing link from Mike Gray at the Poway concrete skatepark. Things in here are going as technical as they can get. All then of them are mind blowing and a must see, but the last one is for sure the highlight. Enjoy.
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Mike Gray For Diamondback

Insane edits continue to drop this day and this is probably the craziest. Mike Gray went all in with filming for his new Diamondback web video. This thing is mind blowing and will make your jaw drop several times. I actually don’t even know where to start, because there is so much goodness in here it is almost ridiculous. But I will say one more thing before I let you press the play button, that drop… holy fvck. What was Mike even thinking? But he cleared it pretty perfectly. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Justin Browne.
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2013 Texas Toast Jam – Street Qualifying Highlights And Results

I was waiting the whole day to see video highlights from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam street qualifying contest and here they are now. Seven and a half minutes of madness you don’t want to miss today. From high airs and original lines to crashes and wild attempts, everyone killed it. Um… It really caught my eye when I see Mike Hoder with a Red Bull beanie. Does this mean anything?
Featuring riding from Ryan “Biz” Jordan, Dennis Enarson, Trey Jones, Stevie Churchill, Rob Wise, Zack Gerber, Mike Hoder, Mike Gray, Justin Spriet and many more.
Below you can check the qualifying results from the street and dirt events.

Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Utah Edition

Fresh new Getting Serious With Ben Hucke episode is here and it is all about getting serious in Utah, riding bikes, BMX, road bikes and MTB. Thereare also clips from Hucke’s jam featuring Ben himself, Jake Seeley, Jared Washington, Mike Gray, Zack Gerber and others.
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Mike Gray Video Bike Check

Watch Mike Gray while he runs you through his current Diamondback setup along with enjoying the moves he nailed down (there are a few really big ones in here). Mike like’s his five year old FBM seat post and doesn’t care if his Markit pivotal seat is broken.
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How To Full Cab With Mike Gray

Young Canadian rider Mike Gray is here for you to give you all the tricks and tips you need to know before learning a full cab. If you have your half cabs dialed in already the full cab wont be much of a problem. Mike also shows you a sweet combo at the end to give you an idea what can be done with this trick.
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Weekend In Parksville

A weekend of street and skatepark riding in Parksville, BC from Mike Gray, Adam Piatek and Nathan Hines. All three nailed down tons of hot moves, including nose manuals, barspins, opposite barspins, tailwhips and much more. Last nozza is a proper nozza.
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