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Federal Bikes – Mark Love 2013 Edit

After being off the bike for a year now, due to knee surgery and physio, Federal Bikes rider Mark Love is back, but not for long time, because he is going back under the knife for one more time. In that time he hit a few spots and nailed down tons and tons of good stuff and it looks like he didn’t even took a break. Dude is a badass. Filmed and edited by Mike King.
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Monster Energy – Ben Wallace At Peynier Trails

Ben Wallace was searching for a spot to film for a new web edit and what a better place than Peynier Trails. He made a trip over there a week before the Vans Kill The Line event to film, to dig, to swim and to have fun. With help from Mike King behind the lens, he managed to film enough crazy good clips to make this new piece for his sponsor Monster Energy happen. Um… 360 lookback to late downside tailwhips was nuts.
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FFWDBMX “Viewfinders” – Filming Boards

Another one from Mike King and Fast Forward BMX, this time for all you filmers out there who have problems with choosing the right parts for your filming board. You have everything you need above and Mike also puts his board to the test at the skatepark.

FFWDBMX – NASS 2013 Pro Park Finals Highlights

I knew we will be seeing more from the NASS 2013 contest, that went down this past weekend. Highlights from pro park finals, made by Mike King for the FFWDBMX. Anthony McGuirk’s 900 barspin, Matt Priest’s footjam to fakie and Mike Curley’s nose many to 360 to many to 360 were to three tricks for me.
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Southern Structure – Crawley Summer Sale Session

Southern Structure made a quick little promo, to promote their summer sale, featuring Stevie Churchill, Mike King, Adolfo Olivo and Tom Bruzo shredding the Crowley skatepark. Lil Stevie is a beast and all those combos he pulled in here are ridiculous.
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Dillon Lloyd Welcome To Vans

Dillon Lloyd has been working on his welcome to Vans team edit with Mike King over the course of three weeks and besides all the injuries, bad weather and Rambo marathons they filmed a banger welcome edit. Dillon not only goes really technical on the streets, but he can also bust some serious airs in the skateparks. The quick nollie truck and that tailwhip drop were ridiculous.
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Federal BMX – Stevie Churchill And Jordan Aleppo At Our House

Now this is retarded. Federal BMX riders Stevie Churchill and Jordan Aleppo got together at the Seventies’ Our House indoor ramp facility and went completely out of control. Both of them threw down endless crazy trick combinations and lines. It really is ridiculous how much they pulled, from wild 360 tailwhip drops, to 720s and combos like over double peg grind to hop over to manual to 180. Must freaking see. Filmed and edited by Mike King.
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Rom BMX Jam Highlights

More BMX Videos
Tom Rom skastepark turned 35 and the locals organized a BMX Jam to celebrate the birthday. It was was crazy day and Mike King from Ride UK was there to capture all the best moments to bring out this video highlights for your viewing pleasure.
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Proper – Sam Cunningham Edit

Proper’s Sam Cunningham started working on this piece last summer, but since he was having back problems, he ended up with filming around six months or so later. He didn’t finished with filming as planed at the first time, but I think this one came out solid and amazing. Sam has some serious skills on the bike, nose manuals, grinds and all bunch of other rad street stuff. Filmed and edited by Mike King.
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FFWDBMX – Winter Blues?

Even if it was cold outside, Mike King, Bob Manchester, Ant Barber, Jamie Guile and Adolfo Olivo still managed to get some sessions done in T-Shirts for the Fast Forward BMX at the Brighton Lagoon and Worthing skateparks. The into is ridiculous.
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