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Volume Bikes – Jason Enns Cerberus Frame Promo

Volume Bikes: Jason Enns Cerberus Frame Promo. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

After 14 years of being on the Volume Bikes team, Jason Enns got his fifth signature frame, which is called the Cerberus. Through the years his riding changed and so did his signature frames. Here is now promotional video, shot and cut by Mike Mastroni.
“The frame features a steeper 75.25º head tube, Volume’s proven investment casted dropouts with built-in chain tensioners, full 4130 chromoly heat treated Sanko tubing, removable seatstay brake mounts, and a double butted front triangle with both top and bottom gussets. On top of all that, you’re also protected by Jason’s 3 headed dog…”
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Volume Bikes – Matt Clark And Billy Perry In SoCal

OK seriously, what is wrong with kids these days? The obviously don’t know what word hard means, everything looks just so easy when they ride. Volume Bikes’ youngest riders Matt Clark and Billy Perry met up in sunny southern California with Mike Mastroni behind the lens and filmed this rad split edit, that includes tons of solid street moves.
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Volume Bikes – District Complete Bike Promo

Promotional video for the Volume Bikes District complete bike with Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Lil D and Mike Mastroni. Now this is what I call a proper test of the bike and also a really good promo edit. Give a bike to your team riders and let them ride it like they would as it was their personal setup.

“When we sat down to design our complete bikes, we knew we wanted a bike that would be perfect for a younger rider’s first real BMX bike. With District, we’ve done that and more. This is a bike that can take you from learning the basic of riding a bike to the progression of learning your first tricks. The frame specs are inspired from the modern geometry found on any aftermarket Volume frame, like the short rear end and steep headtube angle. The District features aftermarket parts, including the Volume Staple top load stem, Demolition Machete tires and Odyssey Springfield brake system. Available in matte black, matte purple and gloss orange.”
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Volume Bikes – Alex Raban “Iron Chachi” Bar Promo

This is one of the most extreme and most heaviest promos ever. Alex Raban promoting his signature Volume Bikes “Iron Chachi” bar that comes in 8.3″ rise and 29″ width. All gold, all bling bling along with some pretty cool and original moves at the Volume Bikes warehouse outdoor ramps. Alex always comes out with something funny, so click play and get surprised. Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni. Premiere on TCU.
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Demolition – Aaron Smith Spring 2013 Edit

This new Aaron Smith spirng 2013 web edit he filmed around Southern California, with help from Mike Mastroni, for Demolition is solid. Smooth street style, rails and some really high hops. Definitely into this one and I am sure you will be also. Click play and enjoy.
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Alex Platt Welcome To Volume Bikes

Volume Bikes is happy to officially welcome Alex Platt to their team with a welcome to the team edit. Alex is known by his wild riding, tight spots, big gaps and grinding rails. I didn’t actually expect this welcome edit to be that crazy. I think I am going to press that play button again now. Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni.
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Demolition – Costa Rica Ticos & Tamales Flipbook

A few months ago Demolition riders Connor Lodes, Drew Hosselton, Aaron Smith, Ronnie Napolitan, Mike Mastroni and Joey Cobbs made a trip to Costa Rica to visit their distributor Inversiones Jovita and to ride with the locals. The now dropped a flipbook to document the trip.

Volume Bikes – Drew Hosselton Skatepark Quickie

Drew Hosselton and Mike Mastroni headed over to the skatepark recently to film some stuff for another project, that didn’t end up happening, but now decided it is time to use all the footage for this quick skatepark edit. Drew is a really original rider that never disappoints.
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Mike Mastroni Bike Check Flipbook

Volume Bikes dropped a rad flipbook showing you guys what Mike Mastroni is currently riding and also did a quick interview with him to go along with the check. His Bermuda whip looks so cool.

Defgrip Disposed – Ticos And Tamales Tour

Defgrip posted a photogallery from a trip Drew Hosselton, Aaron Smith, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, Mike Mastroni and Joey Cobbs recently made to Costa Rica in the name of Demolition and under the name of Ticos And Tamales. Everything went as planned until their gear got stolen. Be careful when going on trips, got robbed always sucks as hell!