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Saavedra’s Summer At Woodward West

Last summer Mike Saavedra was a busy guy over at the Woodward West building up a brand new dirt course and his brother Sal was there for him to make things look dialed. Hear it from Mike himself and get a dose of dope and smooth shredding.
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One Day In The End Of Summer

First flatland riding in Barcelona, now trails riding in Barcelona, Spain. Nothing too crazy and too insane in here, but guys sure do have fun shredding dirt jumps under a sunny sky. Hit play and enjoy.

Deluxe At The Wheel Mill

Mark Potoczny, Ted Van Orman and Mike Saavedra from the US Deluxe team hit The Wheel Mill for an evening session during the Jaunt BMX Night and this is what they got. Trails inspired riders hitting wooden ramps, you know this means a lot of style and smooth tricks and that’s what it is.
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Woodward West – Mike Saavedra’s 10 For 10

Mike Saavedra’s ten clips at the Woodward West in celebration of Woodward’s ten years of being. Super stylish riding from Mike, a few barspins, turndwons and some back tire action. Mostly ramp riding, but Mike also touches some dirt. Filmed and edited by Sebastian Smith.
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Mike Saavedra Profile Racing Ad

Mike Saavedra going with style with a turndown for Profile Racing’s latest print ad to promote their new Column 20mm cranks. This photo can be found in the latest issue of the Dog magazine.

September DVD 2nd Trailer

The month of September is the month of trails riding in southwest of France. The Compression BMX worked on a DVD over the last year’s September and this is a quick little look at what you can expect in the video they already made and is available through their web site, or their dealer’s web sites.
Riders in the video are Chris Doyle, Dave Dillewaard, Max Bimar, Heath Pinter, Mike Saavedra and many more.
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Mike Saavedra Bike Check

After quite some time Mike Saavedra built himself a fresh new whip in chrome and you can now check it up on the Profile Racing site. Bike looks awesome and smooth, just like Mike’s riding is.

Deluxe “Part Deux” – Mike Saavedra Section

Everyone, especially all you who like style, trails riding, sun and over-clicked turndowns, here is Mike Saavedra’s section from Deluxe’s second full-length video “Part Deux.” This was all filmed at Mike’s local trails, the Blue Bench trails in California. The place is amazing and so is Saavedra’s riding. This dude has some much style. Enjoy.
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Deluxe “Part Deux” – Intro At Blue Bench, California

People over at Deluxe started uploading their second full length video “Part Deux” and here is the intro part that they filmed at the Mike Saavedra’s Blue Bench trails in California. Intro filmed by Aaron Nardi. All you trails riders out there get stoked, cause there is plenty more to come.
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Mike Saavedra Talks About The New Dirt Addition To Woodward West

Mike Saavedra talking about the all new dirt addition to the Woodward West he and his friends build. It is basically a really fun pump track, called Roaster Coaster, with dirt jumps and I am sure Mike and all the campers and visitors will have a lot of fun cruising it.
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