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Nick Seabasty – Farewell New Jersey

Nick Seabasty: Farewell New Jersey from mikeyalmodovar on Vimeo.

Nick Seabasty is escaping the cold New Jersey weather and is going to the west coast in search for new adventures and to enjoy the life. To say a proper farewell he filmed this quick edit full of good stuff with a banger handrail at the end. Filmed and edited by Mikey Almodovar.
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LFS – Mikey Almodovar And Chris Dolan Birthday Edit

LFS: Mikey Almodovar and Chris Dolan Birthday Edit from smallfry on Vimeo.

Yesterday, December 5th, was Mikey Almodovark aka Smallfry’s and Chris Dolan aka Special’s birthday and to celebrate it with style here is an edit full of grinds. 19 and 18 yr-old kids has lot of good stuff in their pocket.
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Wethepeople – Mikey Almodovar Edit

Scott Marceau still had some footage laying around from Wethepeople’s amateur connection from the US, Mikey Almodovar. He now put the clips together and here they are, ready for you to check them out. Mikey aka Small Fry has some nice street jibbing stuff on lock, but he also isn’t afraid of going big.
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Mikey Almodovar Bike Check

Head over to the Wethepeople site to check out a pretty dialed looking bike from Mikey Almodovar. I really dig this oldschool style look, raw, with white walls and brown leather seat.

LFS At Shields Skatepark

Some proper Shields indoor skatepark shredding from Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar, Mike Kleissler and Chris “Special” Dolan. You will be seeing a lot of grinding in this one and a sick nollie 540. I don’t actually remember seeing this one before.

Campus Rampus Bowl Cut

This is a quick edit from Craig Passero, Nick Seabasty, Mikey Almodovar and Rob DiQuattro riding at Campus Rampus in Columbus, Ohio. So much good riding clips in this one that you definitely much check it out. The 180 to smith to full cab look back was damn sick.
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5050 Slkatepark Mix

Nick Seabasty, Dan Diehl, Sean Ricany, Mikey Almodovar, CJ Dare, Mike Kleissler and Steve Kul all recently went to the new indoor skatepark in State Island, the 5050 skatepark, to get some riding and filming done and this what they managed to get.

Occupy New York | Wethepeople

Occupy New York is a week long trip with Wethepeople’s Pro and AM riders Andrew Jackson, Pete Sawyer, Codie Larsen, Mike Brennan and Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar. This is just a teaser so expect a full video soon.
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Mikey Almodovar Wethepeople Edit

Mikey Almodovar WeThePeople/Woodward Edit from WALLSTREET SB! on Vimeo.

Mikey Almodovar doing it street style at Woodward for his sponsor Wethepeople.

Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar WallstreetSB Edit

Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar WallstreetSB! from WALLSTREET SB! on Vimeo.

Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar was working on this edit for past 6 months but it came out really great. A solid street edit. Enjoy.