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Mon 2012 Edit

The filming of this edit may be a bit sketchy and it is true that you don’t see a guy wearing his elbow pads very often, but I just don’t care. Mon has so much skills on his bike that it’s really ridiculous. His hang 5 moves are next level, especially the one with barspin at the end. Must see.
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Mon | Simple | Raen

Mon | Simple | ???? from ????? ????? on Vimeo.

Autumn edit from Mon, Simple rider through Raen Shop in Russia. Definitely a unique and original riding. Those hang 5s to barspins and whips are really insane.
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Dima MON Osokin – Hang 5 To Tailwhip

I think this is one more trick that not many people are doing it, or maybe nobody? For me this is the first time to see a hang 5 to tailwhip. Dima MON Osokin did it somewhere in Russia and here is the link to the video (Forward the video to 4:00).