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Nathan Williams 2014 Video For Monster Energy

The new web video of Nathan Williams he filmed as his 2014 video for his energy drink sponsor, Monster Energy, is ridiculously good. If you are already a big Nathan fan, after watching this video you will be an even bigger one. So much technical stuff in here. So much opposite stuff in here. So much scary stuff in here. You name it, this one has you covered. Nathan Williams really did an incredible job with filming all these clips. It is really hard to pick the favorite clip from the video, because there are so many. Many the feeble grind down the rail with a drop on the other side? Maybe the icepick down the rail to 180 out? I can not really decide, so I will just say that the whole video is my favorite clip. Go hit play now and go wild.
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The Street Series Round 1 – Cape Town

The first round of The Street Series, brought to you by Monster Energy, will be happening in Cape Town on February 16th, 2014. If you somewhere from around that area, you know where you will be on 16th next month.

Kevin Kalkoff – Position Is The Key By The Diggest

Kevin Kalkoff – Position is the Key from The Diggest on Vimeo.

The Diggest and Monster Energy’s new Kevin Kalkoff edit was in the works for quite a long time, due to Kevin injuring his foot. If you hit play and watch the whole thing, you won’t even care how long it was in the making, it’s is the style, the spots and the skills what you will care about and nothing else. Kevin is now back in the business so I really hope we will be seeing a lot more from him in 2014.
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Monster Energy X Vans – Project Fusion

Last week David Budko and Ed Zunda made a trip to Romania where they met up with Alin Moldovan and spent a week shredding this new indoor ramp facility. All three did a really amazing job with their riding, what makes this one a must-not-miss edit.
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Dan Lacey – Nature Of The Beast

The waiting has ended, Dan Lacey’s Monster Energy “Nature Of The Beast” web video, filmed and edited by Rich Forne, is finally here. Dan and Rich took a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel to hit streets and to film stuff to get an amazing piece done for your viewing pleasure. Dan isn’t afraid of going big and wild and we all know that and there are some really wild stuff in here. You know you do not want to miss this one, so start watching and get stoked.
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Dan Lacey – Nature Of The Beast Trailer

On Thursday, December 12th, there is going to drop on the world wide web a fresh new Monster Energy web video featuring Dan Lacey, brought to you by Dig, filmed and edited by Rich Forne. Dan headed over to Tel Aviv, Israel to film for this one and you simply know there will be a lot of craziness in it. Stay tuned.
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Monster Army Major David Lieb Professional Debut

Young rider, only 17 years old, David Liev won this year’s Recon Tour and scored ninth place at the Play Contest, which is all good news for him, especially since companies like Monster Energy started to notice him. They caught up with this young gun to talk about the contest, riding and competing with riders he is looking up to and more.
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Monster Energy – Alex Coleborn “After Hours”

Monster Energy rider, Alex Coleborn, has been battling with injuries for about two years now and now, when he is fully recovered, he produced something, that I don’t really know how to describe. This not human, this is not from our planet. Alex hit up his local Adrenaline Alley indoor skatepark for several times and nailed down so many bangers, that I stopped counting. From 1080s, to insane barspin and tailwhip variations. Barspin to can can nose manual? Barspin to canadian to tailwhip? I am speechless and I know you will be also. Insanity from the first second to the last.
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Stop By Stop Spot By Spot Zine

32 page Dig exclusive photo-zine of amazing shots from Fred Murray, shot during DUB X Monster Energy Street Series, that happened in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Glasgow and Liverpool.
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Monster Energy – Alex Coleborn In Bristol And Hastings, UK

Things went really out of control in here. Alex Colebron spent five days filming for his new Monster Energy web edit at Motion skatepark in Bristol and rebuilt Seventies indoor ramp facility in Hastings, UK. Tailwhip to footjam tailwhip to nose tap, flair to icepick stall to footjam, fufano to downside tailwhip and more insane moves pulled as clean as possible.
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