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Mr. Green “Live From The Street” – Edwin Delarosa, Taylor Fleming, Pace Won & Vinnie Paz

Just one more in Mr. Green’s amazing collection of “Live From The Streets” videos, this time featuring Edwin Delarosa, Taylor Fleming, Pace Won and Vinnie Paz.
“This episode is different than anything we’ve done before because it’s made from a collection of sounds we recorded over the last few months. First, we met up with Edwin De La Rosa at Union Square and filmed him making some sounds with his bike. We also talked about how you have to be kind of crazy to ride bmx. We then met Taylor Fleming and recorded her playing an original song on the mandolin. Next, we headed to Kearny, New Jersey to a Jedi Mind Tricks concert to film some clips of Vinnie Paz and Pace Won. First, we got Vinnie to do a call-and-response with the crowd and then we filmed Pace doing a simple drop. Finally, we took all the sounds back to the lab and made the beat ‘Bikes Make Crazy Sounds.”- Mr. Green
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Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – “Tent City” Feat. Country, Pace Won & Skrewtape

Mr. Green is back with another amazing episode from the streets. This time he and the crew visited tent city on the side of the highway in Camden, NJ, met up with Country where the idea for the new episode dropped. You definitely need to watch this, even if you are not into this kind of music, like me, it’s still so good and inspirational.

“On our way to back Philly we would always pass a slightly scary looking tent city on the side of the highway in Camden NJ. We were fascinated by it, we wondered what goes on there, who lives there, and what the people were like.
One day we finally mustered up enough courage to go inside. We arrived in the afternoon, and after walking up the long dusty path we were immediately greeted by Country, the assistant Mayor of Tent City. We were blown away by his charisma, charm and overall positive outlook on life. He was so interesting that we spoke to him close to 30 minutes before we even knew that he was a singer. Once he sung a few notes, we knew we had to feature him in an episode.
He sang us an original song and told us some stories about his life. Next, we took the audio back to the lab and Green made a beat mixing Country’s voice with some piano. After that we took the beat to Pacewon in East Orange and he spit us a verse right on the street. Finally Green got his boy Skrewtape to lay down the final verse in a recording studio.”

Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Motown Benny

“For this episode, we filmed the entire thing in Northampton Massachusetts. I had a show out there January 20th and my homie Nasir from Straight Path Jewlz set up a couple dope street musicians for me to sample. At the show, I brought my Maschine and I performed some ‘Live from the Streets’ tracks like “Man with a Broken Heart” and “If I Don’t Go To Hell” on stage. It was crazy… another Live from the Streets x Northampton episode is coming soon featuring more street music and footage from the first ver LFTS live performance.”– Mr. Green.

Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Rime At Art Basel

“This episode I made a beat out of footage that our boy Rime took while he was in Miami for Art Basel. It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this (used someone else’s footage) and we’re honored that Rime asked us to do it. This opens up a whole new world for us and our sampling… the possibilities are endless.”– Green.
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Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Thomas At The 3 Block (Part 1 & 2)

“In the 11’th episode, we met up with the Bakery Boys and then chilled out in North Philly with Thomas over at the 3 Block. Thomas lives right at
the top of the stairs at one of the most famous skate spots on the east coast and has a lot to say about skateboarding and life. He’s a really good dude that looks out for the skaters and we’re glad we found him.”
– Mr. Green.

“In this episode of Live from the Streets (3 Block, part 2) , first we caught up with Action Bronson outside S.O.B.’s in NYC. He was taking a smoke break after making a bunch of Latka’s at Peter Rosenberg (from hot 97)’s Hanukkah party but was cool enough to hook us up with a drop. After that weheaded back to Philly to finish with Thomas at the 3 Block. This timehis words were a little darker but still encouraging and inspiring.”– Mr. Green.
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Mr. Green “Live On The Streets” – Shanghai

“For this episode we wanted to do something completely different so I used a bunch of footage that I shot using two cheap handheld cameras while i was in Shanghai earlier this year. First, I chopped up the sounds I got from a construction site near Taikang Lu . Next, I added some audio I recorded of the Chinese army marching by on Huaihai Lu. After that I put in the sound of a little bird chirping. Then, I put in a short clip of some music I got off of a karaoke bicycle (which is something you can find very often in Shanghai). Next, since it wouldn’t be a Mr. Green beat without some hard hitting drums and a baseline, I threw those in there. Finally, I recorded the sound of a pirate who was encouraging me to chug my beer in front of the Shelter (which is probably the dopest venue I’ve ever performed at) and scratched him into the beat. Enjoy.”– Mr. Green.
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Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Sherry Somach And Immortal Technique

“In the fifth episode, we headed over to the Trocadero theater in Philly to meet up with Immortal Technique. He was on tour to promote his new album “The Martyr” and was under the weather but took the time to record some vocals for us to use as a scratch hook. Even though he was exhausted he was cool enough to give us a shout out and some words of encouragement. Then we went to Occupy Philadelphia at City Hall to meet up with an amazing woman named Sherry Somach. She talked to us a while about protesting back in the days of the Vietnam war vs. today and played us her original song “99 Percent”. Next we headed up to New York City to film on Wall St. where the entire occupy movement began. Finally, since the protest has spread to over 200 different cities nationwide, we gather some clips filmed in other parts of the country.”– Mr. Green.
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Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Center City Singers And Vinnie Paz

“In the fourth episode of Live from the Streets, we take you back down to Gigi’s Bar and Grille in Old City, this time to meet up with Vinnie Paz. Vinnie has been busy promoting for the new Jedi Mind Tricks record “Violence Begets Violence” but he took the time to give us a quick “one two, one two” and a nice shout out . After that, we introduce John and Agnes who together form the Center City Singers. John and Agnes have been singing in Suburban Station everyday from 7am-8am since 1992 and are renowned throughout the Philadelphia area for brightening up commuters mornings. If you are ever in Philly and you come across John and Agnes, you should definitely stick around for a song and give them a couple dollars. They are good people, not to mention hard workers… and they deserve our support.”– Mr. Green.
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Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Janice And Jus Allah

“In the third episode of Live from the Streets, we take you to Old City to meet up with Jus Allah. Jus was chilling out at Gigi’s Bar and Grille and was cool enough to give us a quick shout out. After that, we introduce Janice, a friendly traveler from down South with a Ukulele. She had been on the road for a while but she took the time to play us her own version of one of her favorite songs by Andrew Jackson Jihad. Finally, we head down to city hall which is currently being occupied by Protestors and we take a look around.”– Mr. Green.
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Mr. Green “Live From The Streets” – Peter Gaffney

“In the second episode of Live From The Streets you find yourself at Philadelphia’s First Friday with Peter Gaffney, the co-founder/director of Cabaret Redlight. Cabaret Redlight is a Philly based theater group that performs vaudeville, burlesque, spoken word and puppet theater, set to original music by the band The Blazing Cherries. Peter was playing his accordion on the street while promoting for his show “The Man from Orphan Island” (which unfortunately is no longer running) and was cool enough to agree to be a part of Live from the Streets. The beat “Live Gypsy Swing Music” will be available on itunes and at very soon.”– Mr. Green.
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