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Andres Lainevool Welcome To Mutant Bikes

Andres Lainevool is the newest addition to the Mutant Bikes crew and he will be riding for the brand through Rite shop in Sweden. This is his welcome to the team edit. It may be short, but it includes some super heavy stuff you will enjoy watching.
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Mutant Bikes Peg / Hub Guard “Peguard” Combo Sneak Peek

It was five years ago when people over at Mutant Bikes started developing the Peguard, which is a peg and a hub guard all in one. We have seen a few versions of it over the past, but this is now the final prototype. It looks like the Peguard has an anti rotation pin, to make sure it stays where it should all the time.

Mutant Bikes Oil Slick Colorway Sneak Peek

Mutant Bikes is the next brand which is bringing out the pretty popular oil slick colorway to their products. I am not 100% sure if there will be other products available in these color, but for now, here is a sneak peek of their top load stem. I must admit, this look pretty sick.

Diogo Santos GoPro Edit

Mutant Bikes rider Diogo Santos did some cruising and filming around Portugal with his friends and a GoPro camera and they is what he managed to film. Guest appearance by Ruben “Marrocos” Jose, Andre Palma, Jason Baptista, Tiago Rato and Pedro “Fit” Ferreira.
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Daniel Americo Video Bike Check

While on a Rapataching tour, that Mutant Bikes crew took last year, they managed to shot a video bike check with him to show you what he is riding and also shot some extra footage of him to go along with the video bike check.

Mutant Bikes Corvo Fork Sneak Peek

Mutant Bikes dropped a sneak peek of Diogo Santos’ upcoming signature Corvos fork. These forks are currently in the testing process, so this is all we got for now, but you can expect more news soon.

Declan Brooks Bike Check

Declan Brooks injured his hand, so he decided to shot a few photos of his current bike and get a bike check done for Mutant Bikes. Head over to their site, to check more photos and to see what parts this guy is riding.

Nuno Faria Video Bike Check

Mutant Bikes’ Nuno Faria shows you his current ride and tells you what parts he is riding along with a few action clips, that were filmed during their Rapataching tour, last summer. Nuno is still a young gun, but he rips like the older guys.
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Daniel Serra Video Bike Check

During the Rapataching tour that guys over at Mutant Bikes took last year, they filmed four video bike checks and they are starting with Daniel Serra’s. Along with Daniel giving you a rundown of his current whip, he also pulls a few skatepark tricks to make things look better.
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Mutant Bikes – Nuno Faria Quick Clips

Nothing to crazy, nothing to wild from Mutant Bikes Nuno Faria, well, actually, there is one pretty cool barspin to table over a hip and a double tailwhip over a hip pulled pretty clean.
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