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Mutiny Cinch 22mm Cranks Sneak Peek

Mutiny dropped a sneak peek to show you the 22mm version of the Cinch crank they are currently working on. They added the investment cast spindle boss that will help improve junction between arm and spindle boss. They also made the arms a little bit fatter, what makes them much stronger and perfect for those popular crank arm grinds. You can find more details up on Mutiny site.

Grant Castelluzzo Mutiny Team Manager

After jumping to the Mutiny pro team a few weeks back, Grant Castelluzzo will also be Mutiny’s team manager for 2014.
If you missed his welcome to pro team edit, make sure you watch it now below.

Mat Houck Bike Check

Click through the above flipbook and check out Mat Houck’s Mutiny Doomwizard setup mixed with mainly Odyssey parts. Raw, solid and dialed looking bike.

Grant Castelluzzo Welcome To Mutiny Pro

Welcome To The Pro Team Grant Castelluzzo from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

For 2014 Grant Castelluzzo will be on Mutiny Pro team and to make things officially he spent past few weeks shredding spots around Chicago and Milwaukee to film clips for this solid welcome to the team edit. Grant sure is the smith grind master and is no stranger to pulling super technical stuff. That line at the end is insane.
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Mutiny – Andy Martinez Edit

It has been a while since we last saw something new from Andy Martinez, but here is Mutiny with a fresh new web edit filmed over the course of past 12 months at street, skatepark and also trails spots around Austin and San Antonio. I must admit, I was really missing his riding, so definitely stoked to see this one on the world wide web.
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Mutiny “Cool Story Bro” Leftovers

I really hope you have seen all the Mutiny “Cool Story Bro” videos, because if you have not, you are doing crime and you must watch it now (Robbo, George Boyd, Brandon Hoerres, Justin Simpson, Mat Roe, Josh Bedford and The Video). Today they released an eleven minutes long Leftovers video, which is as sick and as awesome as the original ones. Take your time, seat back, relax and enjoy.
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Kyle Davenport Bike Check

Mutiny has all the closeup photos of Kyle Davenport’s current Doom Wizard up on their web site, so if you want to get a closer look at the bike, head over there. And if we are already talking about Kyle, do watch his most recent, crazy good web edit below.

Mutiny – Cool Story Bro Video

Hell yeah, it is finally here. The final video of Mutiny’s Cool Story Bro series is here and much better than expected. Filmed in USA, Spain, France, Germany and England from the beginning of this year to August 2013. Featuring riding from Robbo, Matt Roe, Josh Bedford, Justin Simpson, Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo and many more. This one is a must see one.
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Mutiny’s Behind The Scenes – Kyle Davenport’s Gap

If you saw Kyle Davenport’s latest Mutiny edit, you saw that crazy drop at the end and if you would like to get behind the scenes how it all happened, Mutiny now dropped this rad vid of it. Ashley Charles dressed up like a tourist to distract the hotel owners, while Kyle was up there taking a few tries and finally cleared the gap.
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Mutiny – Kyle Davenport Edit

This new Mutiny web edit featuring Kyle Davenport is seriously amazing. Kyle is no joke and he can go crazy big with gaps and drops and also knows how to get a dialled nose manual pulled. Dude is a beast and all this was filmed before his ankle injury, so he will be off the bike for a while now. Watch this and wish him a super fast recovery. Enjoy.
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