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Kevin Porter On Mutiny And Odyssey

Not long ago we posted the news that Kevin Porter parted ways with his long time sponsor Fly Bikes and look what happened now. Kevin dropped this Instagram video showing support to his new sponsors, Mutiny and Odyssey.

Mutiny Manroids Handlebar Available Now

The all new Mutiny Manroids handlebar is available now and ready for your bike and yourself to shred it. Handlebars features a 8.7″ ride and 30″ width with with 12° back-sweep and 4° up-sweep, weights in 30oz. Bar is finished with a 420 heat treatment process and is made out of 4130 multi tubing chromoly with thicker gauge areas at key stress points.

New Mutiny Products Out Now

New Mutiny products

The news just came out that all new Mutiny products are available now. Frames, forks, barts and other parts can be now seen up on the product section of the page and they will be available at your local shops and favourite mail orders in the coming weeks.

Cool Story Bro – Josh Bedford

Since Josh Bedford has French roots Mutiny decided it would be best if the send him to Lyon, France with Richard Forne to get their Cool Story Bro project done. This is six minutes long, but I thought it was like 2 or something, it is so good, the riding, the dog, the tattooing by hand and more. Josh doesn’t like doing tricks, he just likes jumping stuff. Watch and enjoy.
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Mutiny Shop Stop In Berlin

Mutiny crew, Josh Bedfrod, Grant Castelluzzo, Robbo and Sean O’Connell, is heading to Berlin, Germany next month to continue with filming for the Cool Story Bro edit. They will be stopping at the Flair BMX July 19th, 2013, so make sure you are there and get a session done with these guys.

New Figure BMX Cover, Issue 6

The sixth issue of the Figure BMX is just about to hit the stores, but before you grab a copy and read it, here is a sneak peek of the cover, featuring Mutiny’s own Josh Bedford.

Mutiny “Gay For Satan” Limited Edition T-Shirt

Mutiny has a very limited edition tie dye “Gay For Satan” T-shirts available. You can pick yourself one through their web store or via Empire, but hurry up, these will go fast as Satan.

Cool Story Bro Mutiny Ad

To support their own Cool Story Bro web series Mutiny made this print ad, that will be featured in the 14th issue of The Albion magazine. There is one more Cool Story Bro video left and it is Josh Bedford’s.

Cool Story Bro – Mat Roe

New Cool Story Bro from people over at Mutiny featuring one of UK’S most stylish rider Matt Roe. Here from him personally about riding bikes and get tons of footage, riding and non riding for a good measure. It is so good watching these episodes Mutiny is doing and I hope they never ends.
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New Mutiny Summer Softgoods

Make sure you head over to the Mutiny web site to check their summer softgoods, T-shirts and hats, that are currently available at Empire, Dan’s Comp and their web store. T-shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks and hats are made by Quintin.