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Brandon Hoerres Mutiny Ad

This month’s Mutiny print ad features Brandon Hoerres with a pretty crazy top side double peg that you will be seeing in the ninth issue of The Albion magazine.

Josh Bedford Bike Check

Mutiny’s English connection Josh Bedford recently built up a new setup, with the new Mutiny Cinch cranks to test them out. Check the whip above.

Mutiny Headset Sneak Peek

Mutiny released a sneak peek of the upcoming Headset that should be out very soon, I guess. Nothing to crazy about it, just a simple and clean look.

Sparkys BTS Scratch & Dent Sale

Sparkys Distribution is having a Back To School Scratch And Dent Sale on August 4th from 12pm to 6pm. If you are looking for some discounted The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa, Rant, Bone Deth, Mutiny or The Make products than make sure you will be heading to Central Florida on that date.

Mutiny “Hand” Snapback Out Now

Mutiny is releasing a lot of new products lately and here is another one, the Hand snapback, which is available at Empire, Danscomp and Quintin UK.

Mutiny “Diamond” Grips Out Now

Mutiny’s brand new Diamond grips are out now and available in black, orange and green. These are made out of a soft gum compound, are 150mm long, without flanges and come with Mutiny’s new nylon bar ends.

Mutiny Giveaway

Mutiny is hosting a giveaway for you guys, where you can win one Mutiny seat of your choice and 1 pair of their new Diamond grips. All you have to do is click here, read the rules, enter and with a little luck you will win these things.

Mutiny Kits Now Available

Mutiny have three different kits available now, the Conjurer kit, the Lucky Strike and Robbo X Sekt kit, and the Rune kit. There is also a pretty wide range of color options, so click here and check them out.

New Mutiny Frames Out Now

Jump to Mutiny site to check their new frames, Matt Roe’s Conjurer frame, Josh Bedford’s new version of Lucky Strike, Rune frame and Robbo X The Sekt frame. All of them are available now.

Mutiny – Glam, Mid & Glamroid Bars Out Now

Mutiny has their popular Glam and Glamroid bars bakc in stock. They are also introducing you the all new Midroid bar, which is basically a 8.3″ version of a Glam bar. I wander when the 9″ bar will be out.