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Lax X Full Factory


Sweet edit filmed over at the Full Factory ramps with the Lax Film crew and guests Nate Richter, Daniel Martinez and Tom Villarreal. You know the ramps and if you let a heavy crew to ride them you know only good things will happen.
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Nate Richter Welcome To Quintin

Quintin welcomes Nate Richter from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

The guy behind many edits, the guy behind a four pegged bike, Nate Richter, is the newest member of the Quintin team. This is his welcome to the team edit, where Nate puts his pegs to some good use and does some other sweet stuff for your viewing pleasure. Hit play.
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John Hicks – One Minute At The Skatepark

A quick little minute with John Hick riding at the skatepark and pulling all bunch of great moves. The wallride over the ledge and down the stairs was sick and so was that quick icepick grind to 180. Enjoy the goodness. Filmed by Nate Richter.
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Nate Richter On The Set

It looks like after parting ways with Cult, Nate Richer has now joined The Set squad. I guest there will be more info, maybe even a welcome to the team edit, dropping soon.

Double Ditch BMX Jam 2013

On August 16th and 17th the annual Double Ditch BMX Jam is happening in new Mexico and if you live somewhere in that area, you definitely need to go there, at leas for one day of good times.
“August 16th – Alamosa Jam at 5:00 with an art show following at 9:00 at the Separations gallery Sponsored by Pabts Blue Ribbon with work done by Wesely McGarth and Chris Mortenson.
August 17th – Jam at Double Ditch starting at 2:00 till the sun goes down, then following that will be a Red Bull Sponsored after party at Sister Bar in downtown Albuquerque a Video premiere of “Rail Talk” mixtape by Mario Carrasco and “KOLOR” by Nate Richter.”

Calling Out Tricks At The Odyssey Jam

Nate Richter hit the Odyssey Jam at the newly built and painted Full Factory ramps and got riders to pull tricks. Some a crazy, some are wild, some are weird, but all are worth a watch. Featuring Broc Raiford, Adam Banton, Jeff Z, Tom Villarreal and others.
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Nate Richter Off Cult

After three years of being part of the Cult family, Nate Richter decided to part ways with the brand. No more info where Nate is going next, but as soon as the news drops, we will have it posted up here.

Riding In LA With Jackson Ratima And Tom Villarreal

Nate Richter cruised around Los Angeles with Jackson Ratima and Tom Villarreal and filmed tons of rad stuff with these two. The started with jumping fences, eating Skittles, riding, got yelled at by a security guard and Tom also got a girl’s phone number.
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We Made It – Beach Bummin

Shane McLellan and Nate Richter made a little trip over to Huntington Beach to met up with Eric Hough, Bob Huth, and Santiago Munoz to get a session done at this fun looking pool/ramp setup. Even if they aren’t having the biggest backyard, they still made a nice place for riding your bikes.
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We Made It – High 5 With David Canary

A new installment in We Made It’s High 5 featuring David Canary doing it at the Santa Barba cocnrete skatepark, while Nate Richter is there, capturing everything on his camera.
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