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Eclat Ridgestone Tire Promo Feat. Shane Weston

Second promotional video for Eclat’s new tire, Ridgestone tire, featuring technical wizard Shane Weston. We know this guy can get really angry when not pulling the trick, but when he pulls it, it is pretty much all the time unreal and wild. Shane put the Ridgestone tire to a proper test. Filmed by Nathan Williams.
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Eclat Ridgestone Tire Promo Feat. Sebastian Anton

Promotional video for Eclat’s Ridgestone tires featuring Sebastian Anton, giving them a proper test on the streets. Nathan Williams and Shane Weston were two of their team riders who were involved in the process of making this tires, so you know it is design ‘especially’ for street riding. Also, Sebastian nailed down a few really smooth moves.
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United Summer 2013 T-shirt Lookbook

Corey Martinez, Geoff Slattery and Nathan Williams are the models wearing United’s 2013 summer T-shirts. There is a lookbook up on the page that you might want to check out. Some sweet designs.

United Colors Of Etnies Video

Corey Martinez, Geoff Slattery and Nathan Williams got together with United to made a complete collection of apparel and shoes from Etnies and complete bikes to go along with the drop. The collaboration is big and to announce the drop in style, here is the video featuring all three of the killing streets around the UK.
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How To Install The Nathan Williams Signature Eclat Stem

Paul Robinson, Eclat’s team manager, runs your through the installation of Nathan Williams’ signature stem, so there won’t be any complains that someone break something. The method, pinch system, is very simple to use, the only thing you must know is that there is no gap in the front of the stem. So yes, tighten that first and then the back two bolts.
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Eclat Nathan Williams Stem Out Now + Promo

Nathan Williams’ signature top load stem from Eclat is out now and above is a quick promo with a few riding shots from Nathan himself. The steam is CNC machined out of a 6061-T6 alloy brick, weight 289g (10.19oz) and comes in three different color options, black, blue and high polished.
“Right from the start we knew that the signature stem for Nathan had to be something special. As a start Nathan had some interesting ideas to incorporate, and once we had settled on a toploader with a lower offset we then worked out the aesthetics. In order to give the stem a cleaner look we opted for a pinch clam, so that the front side of the cap would meet flush with the stem body. We then worked out a way to sink the rear part of the cap into the stem body in such a way that it hid the botls from view. This unique feature gives stem a distinctive integrated look, and at the same time grips the bar with incredible force.”

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2014 United X Etnies Recruit Complete Bike

United and Etnies teamed up once again to bring you a limited edition of the Recruit complete bike for 2014, making it in three different colorways, Nathan Williams’ signature, Corey Martinez’s signature and Geoff Slattery’s signature. Along with the bikes there will also come the entire collection of footwear and apparel, the United Colors of Etnies.
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United’s Republica Del Ecuador Tour

United is sending Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Alex Valentino and Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla back to South America for the Republica Del Ecuador tour. They will be hitting the La Feria De La Bici event and spots around the country. The tour will be on from July 11th till 19th.

United English Shop Tour 2013

United is sending Nathan Williams, Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Jimmy Rushmore and Harry Mills-Wakley on an English shop tour, starting this time next month. This wont be the average shop tour, they are bringing Kye’s MBE events setup with them, so there will be ramps and rails to shred all the time. Mark your calendars.

Crucial BMX – Ride To Glory Ending Jam

2013 Ride To Glory ended last Saturday, May 11th, 2013 at Crucial BMX Shop and to end it properly, Crucial threw down a chilled jam, for all the local to met all the RTG shredders. It is awesome seeing that little guy meting up his favorite rider, Nathan Williams. Filmed and edited by Sam James.
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