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Win Nathan Williams Setup From RTG 2013

United is hosting a big giveaway for you guys, where they are giving away the exact setup Nathan Williams is holding in the above photo and rode id during the 2013 Ride To Glory. It is open to UK residents only and if you wanna enter, make your way over to their Facebook page, read the rules and enter.

Eclat The Ridgestone Tires

First of all, I really don’t know why Eclat makes a new post on the site and set it to private, or is this just a little trick to make me even more curious what the post will be featuring. The Ridgestone tire is Eclat’s newest tire and comes in two versions, a slick version and a knobbly version, for more grip. It was Nathan Williams and Shane Weston who picked the name and it was the whole team who was working on these. For more photos and specifications head over to the Eclat web site.

Eclat – Kings Of Kong Tour

Eclat is sending Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco, Dillon Lloyd, Nathan Williams and Anthony Perrin on a trip to Hong Kong and Peter Adam to film and document their adventure. With a team as heavy as this one you never know what will happen.

Eclat Natives Part 2 – Nathan Williams

Here is the second installment in the Natives video series from Eclat featuring Nathan Williams. They followed Nathan to his home town, to see where he grow up, Nathan also talks and shows you the first rail he cleared when he was 15, talks about baseball, internet and more. Along with this interview you will be enjoying in tons of really good riding. Just hit play and watch this one, it’s real good. Filmed and edited by Paul Robinson.
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Game Of Bike W/ Nathan Williams, Shane Weston, Eric Bahlman And Lil Pat

Now this is pretty entertaining. Nathan Williams, Shane Weston, Eric Bahlman and Lil Pat recently threw a game of bike down on a flat ground, pulling tricks out of a bunnyhop only. I won’t say who won, cause I would ruin everything, but I will say that Shane’s 180 downside tailwhip is so freaking smooth.
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Eclat – The Nathan Peg

And there you have it, the Nathan Williams signature Eclat nylon/steel pegs. The popularity of plastic pegs is on the top level at the moment, almost each and every brand that produces pegs now has plastic pegs, but it is Eclat that brought things to another level. They made a thin but yet very strong steel pedal and injected plastic around it, so these two can not be separated. When you grind down to the steel, you simply turn your peg and grind again. Find out more on these up on their site.

Corey Martinez And Nathan Williams At Brook Run Skatepark

Two minutes for damn good riding from Cinema riders Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams doing it at the Brook Run skatepark in Atlanta. Single clips, double clips, grinds, technical stuff, barspins, whips, you name it. All those doubles were definitely the sickest.
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Nathan Williams Bike Check

4Down Distribution caught up with Nathan Williams to get a bike check done with his current United Mothership setup. Get the parts list, closeup shots and a quick interview about the bike.

[Re-Up] United Bike Co – Touring Japenese Video

Along with the feature in the latest issue of the Ride UK magazine, they now dropped a video from the trip to Japan that United Bike Co riders Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Ashley Charles and Christian Rigal took a little while back. There is too much goodness in here and one insane banger from Christian. Must see.
When you are done with watching, you can also check a few photos up on Ride from the trip.
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United – Tyler Fredrick Edit

We don’t see much from Nathan Williams on the web lately, because he is busy filming his mates. Here is a fresh one he made with his fellow United rider Tyler Fredrick. Tyler has a sick style, knows how to put his back brake to use and has one of the dopest one-foot flattys. Enjoy.
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