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Four Down Park Sessions #1 – Corey Martinez

Guys over at 4Down have been building this park for about past six months now. The first edit that came out of many to come from 4Down’s, invite only, skatepark features Corey Martinez. It took only two days that Corey filmed some top notch riding with one crazy ender. Special guest clip from Nathan Williams.
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Eclat At Eurobike

This week is a week dedicated for the Eurobike, Europe’s biggest bike trade show, where all the big companies came. The first one that we got a few sneak peeks of is Eclat. You can see some of their new and upcoming products above and below, but most notably are definitely Nathan Williams’ signature plastic pegs and the Multi tool.

Etnies – Quit Looking At Me

Etnies sent Aaron Ross, Nathan Williams and Tom Dugan on a trip to India to see what the country has to offer. Eleven minutes of amazing and unbelievable shots from these three, while searching for spots and making their way through Mumbai and Bandra. This is such a good watch and I am sure you won’t get bored not even for a second. Must see.
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Etnies Fall 2012 Apparel & Footwear Now Available

“Etnies Fall 2012 Apparel & Footwear is now available! We recently got the team together for a preview and even let them take our latest styles for a test run through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. Check the edit of the usual suspects, including Ryan Sheckler, Devine Calloway, Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Jose Rojo, Aidan Campbell & Mr. Sneaky.”Etnies
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Etnies Club Med Tour Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Etnies Club Med Tour that will be out exclusively with the Soul BMX magazine issue 76 on August 7th. I know this is going to be really crazy, because with riders like Aaron Ross, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Ben Lewis, Sergio Layos, Luc Legrand, Clem Carpentier and Clem Baes you can not go wrong. Enjoy.
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Tunes With Nathan Williams

I think there are a lot of people out there who would really like to know which are Nathan Williams’ top 25 most played songs. Guys over at We Are Orange Juice made a play list including all those songs that you can check right here.

Nathan Williams United Ad

Nathan Williams’ print ad for United doing this pretty scary crooked grind in the DIG magazine, issue 89. This is actually not a two page ad, but two ad on two single pages one right after the other.

Eclat In China – Demo / Super 8

A week ago Eclat dropped the edit from their Free & Sleazy Tour, where they send Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Shane Weston, Iz Pulido, Nathan Williams and Sean Burns to China. Today collection of behind the scenes and some second angles dropped, shot by TM Paul Robinson with his Super 8 camera. Sean arguing with that old man was so funny.
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Eclat: The Free & Sleazy Tour – Part II

Eclat is back with the second part of their Free & Sleazy tour, where Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Shane Weston, Iz Pulido, Nathan Williams and Sean Burns headed to Shanghai for 12 days to explore the city. When you are done watching, make sure you check out the microsite.

“At the start of this year we chose three diverse destinations around the world to go visit and for no other purpose than riding our bikes, hanging out and seeing the world in all its weird and wonderful glory. In April of this year we hit up our second destination.
Shanghai was ours for 12 days and 11 nights and we had over 2,448 square miles to cover, 16 districts, 210 towns and sub districts to explore and ride.
12 days really wasn’t quite enough, but we battled the smog, heat waves and traffic and came away with a positive feeling about China and its riding community.
The following video explores our time spent in China, our first and last impressions. Filmed and edited by Will Evans.
Special thanks to Kane, Kenji (iBMX) George Jackson and the CNBMX collective. Without them we would have been lost in the depths of China forever.”
– Eclat
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New DIG Cover, Issue 89

The new issue of DIG magazine is out now, featuring Nathan Williams with a huge gap over rail on the cover, shot by Andrew White in Nashville, Tennessee. If you would like to find out what you will get in this issue, click here.