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Random By Latane Coghill

Random from Latane Coghill on Vimeo.

Some old and some new footage from riders like Kenny Horton, Eric Holladay, Neil Hise, Evan Venditti, Latane Coghill, John Held, Mike P, Jason Anderson, Puck and Mikey Askew, filmed and edited by Latane Coghill. Definitely a lot of goodness in here you don’t want to miss.

Texas Beach “Treasure Island” Skatepark RVA

John Held, Shane Leeper, Daquandrea, Dillon Leeper, Latane Coghill, Eric Holladay, Neil Hise, Freewheelin’ Lou, Mook and Evan Venditti having fun at this cool do it yourself spot in Texas. Solid.
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The FBM BMX Post Apocolympics Highlights

Hell yeah, video highlights from the second round of FBM’s BMX Post Apocolympics are here. The course was nuts as usual and the riders who came to shred and have fun did tons of good stuff. That gap to curved wallride from Neil Hise was bananas.
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Tioga – Steady Rollin With Neil Hise

I always enjoy watching creative riding and I don’t mind seeing some crazy stuff from time to time and FBM’s Neil Hise is pretty much the right name to watch. Check out this guy putting his Tioga tires to some good use around the spots of Richmond, Virginia. That last move is freaking insane.
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FBM’S Boostin Loose Episode 2

The second episode of FBM’S Boostin Loose series featuring Kenny Horton, Neil Hise, Eric Hennessey, Eric Holladay, Jackson Allen, Late Coghill, Steve Crandall, Van Homan and more. You know you can not go wrong with some new FBM footage.
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FBM – The Shit Show 4.5

FBM and Kenny Horton are back with a new installment in The Shit Show. This is the four and a half version and includes riding, crashing, crazy people, partying and drinking and all bunch of other wild stuff. Riding from Ruel Smith, Tom Blyth, Eric Holladay, Eric Hennessey, Neil Hise, Gary Ginch and many more.
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Neil Hise Bike Check

FBM rider Neil Hise has a bike check up on the QBMX site, so make sure you go there if you wanna see one solid and dialed whip and also a few photos of Neil going hard.

Steady Rollin – Neil Hise Clip

FBM rider Neil Hise is currently working on a new Tioga Steady Rollin web edit and here is a quick clip from the filming. I don’t like seeing riders crash, but I definitely like seeing them standing up all in pain and ready for another try. Yep, that is what BMX riders are all about, though as hell. Can not wait for this one to drop, cause Neil never disappoints.
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FBM Bowl Jam Weekend

This is the first part of the highlights from the FBM Bowl Jam that took place at the Lost Bowl in RVA. This is what BMX is all about and I will be saying this over and over again, because I think a lot of riders, especially younger generations, are forgetting how awesome it is hanging out with mates and shredding bikes. Featuring Eric Hennessey, Garrett Guilliams, Kenny Horton, Van Homan, Garrett Byrnes, Matty Acquizap, Dillon Leeper, Eric Holladay, Neil Hise and more.
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Shitluck “Just Another Day” Edit 2013

This is a Collateral BMX exclusive edit, featuring the Shitluck crew, that was filmed over the course of a couple of trips since October. Riding from Neil Hise, Chris Wilson, Ryan Metro, Fisher, The Fids and more. It is awesome seeing Metro on his bike. Make sure you make your way over to the Collateral to watch this one.