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2013 New England Jam Chowda

The second annual New England Jam Chowda will be happening on Sunday, October 6th, 2013 and you know it’s going to be a good day, so show your ass over there and hang out with the people. Follow their web site for all the updates and stuff.

Animal Bikes New England Shop Chowda

Tomorrow, June 6th, 2013, Animal Bikes is sending a few of their team riders on a New England shop stop trip for three days of good times, visiting The Daily Grind in Connecticut, Eastern Boarder and Maul’s Bike Shop in Massachusetts and Circuit BMX in Rhode Island. Stop by if you live somewhere near.
If already talking about Animal, their all new Big Script sweatshirts are available now.

Sunday – New England Shop Tour

New England Shop Tour from Sunday Bikes

“During the fall, Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Scot Draper and Jim Cielencki joined up with Full Factory’s Bobby Parker to visit a bunch of shops and skateparks in New England. From huge games of Footdown to a bunnyhop contest on a 40 lb bike, we had a blast. Thanks to everyone that came out and to these shops Circuit BMX, Dick Maul’s, Fat Trax, Full Circle and the Garden.”Sunday.
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Profile Racing New England Shop Tour Part Two

“This web edit documents the Second half of our New England Summer tour. What you will not see are the many cups of coffee/sweet tea consumed on the road. Nor the hours spent desperately searching for a hotel vacancy. And definitely not the daily criss-crossing through four states. You will, however, find some highlights of our travels through the lens of Tony Malouf. Thanks to the crew for coming together for a week. Thanks to mother nature for keeping the weather pristine. And special thanks to the shops and many locals who shared some really good sessions with us… Enjoy.”Profile.
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Profile New England Trip Dates

Mike Meister, Tony Cardona, Mark Mulville, Chad Degroot, Jeff Klugiewicz, Conall Keenan and Matt Coplon are going on a New England trip. For more info click here.

Fuel TV Props “Beyond Kooked” Episode

“In the latest episode, we hit up Matt Beringer’s backyard ramp compound in SLC, then the FBM team gets wicked awesome in New England, we head to Germany to check out the flatground stylings of Frank Lukas, plus much much more…“Fuel TV