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Subrosa “Get Used To It” – The Skeleton Crew Section

Another month means another section from the Subrosa “Get Used To It” video. This is The Skeleton crew section and even if these are am riders, all of them provide some really heavy and quality stuff for the video. Featuring riding from Eli Platt, Greg D’Amico, Greg Smee, Boy Janssen, Rich Forne, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Ryan Sher and Nick Bullen. If you missed the video, you missed this section, but it is now on the web for the whole world to see it.
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Nick Bullen – Straight Shootin’

Nick Bullen is currently extremely busy with filming clips for the upcoming The Michigan video, but he somehow still finds time to go to the park and stack some clips for edits like this one for his sponsor Subrosa. But no chill this edit is, it includes tons of crazy good lines and combos you will enjoy watching. Filmed and edited by Alex Burnside.
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The Michigan Video Promo

Promo for the upcoming “The Michigan” video, that should be dropping in early 2014. There will be full parts from Cory Wiergowski, Jason Govan, Chase Krolicki, Mikey Tyra, Nick Bullen and Tyler Fernengel and if you watch the promo above, I am sure you will be dying to see the final product. A lot of heavy hitters in here. You can already start preparing yourself, cause this will blow you away for sure.
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Nick Bullen’s Subrosa Villicus Prime Bike Check

Nick Bullen built up a fresh new Subrosa setup with chrome Villicus prime frame, Villicus forks and Villicus bars. Make your way over to their web site to check out more photos of the bike and the products list.

Subrosa In Atlanta Video

Here is now the video we have all been waiting for, the video from the Subrosa crew’s week spent in Atlanta. Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen, Kye Hart and Mark Mullvile all destroyed every inch of Atlanta and here is the collection of clips they managed to film. Seat back, relax and enjoy this thirteen minutes long video. Well, enjoy.
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Subrosa – Hazard County Park Session

Subrosa crew was in Atlanta for a trip and they ran straight into a rainy day and since the whole crew wanted to ride their bikes they went indoors visiting the Hazard County skatepark. Featuring Ryan Sher, Scott Ditchburn, Joris Coulomb, Kye Hart, Mark Mulville, Nick Bullen and Simone Barraco. The last backwards nose manual on a quarter pipe from Simone is ridiculous. Filmed and edited by Bobby Kanode.
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Nick Bullen Subrosa Ad

This is the latest print ad from Subrosa. You will notice right away that this ad has colors, features their latest addition to the team, Nick Bullen, and their Pozi Trac hubs. Looks like Subrosa is getting into colors for the 2013.

Albe’s X Subrosa – Nick Bullen Edit

Albe’s and Subrosa rider Nick Bullen went hard on the rail at the Transition indoor skatepark for this web edit. Nick pulled tons and tons of ridiculous grind combos, but I think my highlight were the 180 double peg to crooked and the crooked grind hop over toothpick grind. Enjoy.
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Subrosa – Nick Bullen “Streets Of Michigan”

Nick Bullen put quite some time and work into filming for this new Subrosa “Street Of Michigan” web edit and the final product is more than amazing. Plenty of wild street moves, gaps, rails, grinds to drops, you name it. Nick murdered it. Must see.
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Subrosa – Nick Bullen In Texas

Nick Bullen headed over to Texas Toast Jam with friends and stayed over there for a few more days to get some filming done fur Subrosa’s full length video and for this fresh new clip. Nick has a solid style and properly put those pegs to use. Last clip was great.
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