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Sean Ricany And Nick Verdoni At West Windsor Skatepark

Raw clips from Sean Ricany and Nick Verdoni shredding the West Windsor skatepark, filmed and edited by Nick Jones. One minute of serious stunts from both of the guys, but the double truck and that nollie barspin gap were the sickest.
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We Are Orange Juice – Nick Seabasty Edit

We Are Orange Juice are presenting you this exclusive web edit featuring Nick Seabasty, filmed and edited by Nick Jones. Seabasty went pretty technical with his riding for this piece and pulled one super fast and big wallride to end the edit in style. Also, that rail ride, down the rail to 180 was sick as hell.
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5050 Skatepark Mix #2

A quick little edit filmed at the 5050 Skatepark with Nick Seabasty, Russ Barone, Tafari, Scott Marceau and Justin Crofton. Great seeing some new stuff from these guys, especially from Barone. Filmed and edited by Nick Jones.
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5050 Skatepark Halloween Jam

Here are the highlights, filmed and edited by Nick Jones, from the 5050 Skatepark Halloween Jam. The jam was happening indoors and outdoors and with having all those crazy riders coming, tons of really good riding went down. Big, wild and technical stuff.

Grant Germain & Nick Seabasty At 5050

Nick Jones filmed a bunch of cool stuff with Grant Germain and Nick Seabasty on a rainy Friday night at the 5050 indoor skatepark. Both of the guys came out with some great riding, so click play and check those two in action.
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