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Crispy Stream – DJ Basspound Mix

Six minutes of goodness from Down Under from the Crispy Stream thrown together in this DJ Basspound Mix. Brock Olive, Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski and many more. A great mix of street and skatepark riding in here. The riding in here is on a high level and this is pretty much what to be expected from a crew of riders like Crispy is. Start clicking on that play button now.
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Everyday Is A Saturday Part 3.5

2020 BMX Magazine forgot to upload this earlier, but it was definitely worth the wait. The 3.5 part from Troy Charlesworth’s “Everyday Is A Saturday” video features two street killers, Jerry Vandervalk and Nick Kajewski. These two are going big with rail grinding. Really solid.
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Slay The Rail 2012

“Slay the Rail 2012 went off in a big way. 24 riders went head to head in one of Melbourne’s most notorious clubs. Brock Olive schooled the assembled crew to take the win and best trick with Matt “Tenna” Spencer coming in close behind after some of the most brutal slams of the night. Good times, BMX and good crew, what more could you want!”– John Young
Featuring Nick Kajewski, Nick Harris, Brock Olive, Daniel Johnson, Marc Arnold, Sam Illman, Matt Spencer, Mikey McMah, Jay Wilson, Chris White and more.
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2020 “That’s What’s Up” DVD Trailer

It looks like 2020 BMX’s new “That’s What’s Up” DVD, by Troy Charlesworth will be as crazy as it gets. Full section from Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski, Mike Vockenson and Liam Zingbergs along with others, filmed in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, China and the USA. Ender in this trailer is nuts.
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Tempered – Jerry Vandervalk & Nick Kajewski Quickfire

Jerry Vandervalk’s and Nick Kajewski’s “Quickfire” edit for Tempered, they were working on over the past few months around the spots of Southern QLD and Northern NSW, Australia. These two really are both ledge and rail masters, so prepare yourself for some proper grinding stuff.
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Seventeen minutes of amazing riding from Mitch Brown, Justy Bumpstead, Troy Charlesworth, Jack Elkins, Nick Kajewski, Brock Olive, Samson Ross, Tom Stretton, Keelan Troy, Mike Vockenson, Nate Headon and more Australian shredders. Thsi is a must see.
“In June 2012 the LUXBMX team packed into a bus and headed north to Gladstone in search of blue skies, dreamy concrete parks, fresh street spots and new faces. This is just a small video of our adventure.”– LUXBMX

Nick Kajewski Welcome To Dishonour Brand

Unofficially Nick Kajewski is on Dishonour Brand team for a few months now, but the official announcement dropped a few days ago with the release of the latest issue of 2020 Magazine where their latest ad with him was featured (check after the jump). Today the welcome to the team edit dropped, with some solid street and skatepark riding.
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Nick, Brock And Samson At Pizzey Skatepark


A few black and white clips shot by LuxBMX featuring Nick Kajewski, Brock Olive and Samson Ross riding the Pizzey Skatepark.
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Lux BMX – Nick Kajewski


Nick Kajewski, Lux BMX rider, came out with a sweet, minute and a half long edit. Last one is pretty sick.

Tempered – Nick Kajewski

Nick Kajewski from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

Mostly street video, with a few park clips, from Nick Kajewski doing it for Tempered Goods. He has some style. Definitely a must see.