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Nick Seabasty LFS Section

Nick Seabasty LFS Section from LFS on Vimeo.

I think it is safe to say that Nick Seabasty style of riding can be easily compared to Chase Dehart’s style and if you think I am wrong, share your opinions in the comments section below. To prove it I am no wrong here is his section from the LFS DVD from back in 2013 that is full of good, awesome and steezy stuff. Nick Seabasty is a street killer and nothing is stopping him, not even two flat tires at a time. A few crashes and attempts for the intro, followed by really solid riding. There is also plenty of technical lines in here, so if you haven’t seen this section yet, you must definitely check it out now. Good stuff.
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Nick Seabasty – Farewell New Jersey

Nick Seabasty: Farewell New Jersey from mikeyalmodovar on Vimeo.

Nick Seabasty is escaping the cold New Jersey weather and is going to the west coast in search for new adventures and to enjoy the life. To say a proper farewell he filmed this quick edit full of good stuff with a banger handrail at the end. Filmed and edited by Mikey Almodovar.
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Griuphomebikes At Elizabeth Skate Plaza

Grouphomebikes at Elizabeth Skate Plaza from Charlie Quigley on Vimeo.

Charlie Quigley, John Santorelli, Matty Duffy, Paul Fiumano and Nick Seabasty from the Grouphomebikes celebrating the election day with a session over at the Elizabeth skate plaza.
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Animal Bikes X Philly Swain – Mix Entry

A quick mix edit, which is also an entry for the Animal Bikes X Philly Swain video contest featuring JJ Palmere, Colin Varanayak, Lou Kubar, Nick Seabasty and Dom Simoncini. I just came across this one by accident and I am stoked I did, cause it is pretty sweet.
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2 Hours At L.E.S. Skatepark

Clip from a solid two hours long session at the L.E.S. skatepark in downtown New York City from riders like Anthony Panza, Billy Malkoatsis, Billy Perry, Grant Germain, Nick Seabasty and Scott Marceau.
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We Are Orange Juice – Nick Seabasty Edit

We Are Orange Juice are presenting you this exclusive web edit featuring Nick Seabasty, filmed and edited by Nick Jones. Seabasty went pretty technical with his riding for this piece and pulled one super fast and big wallride to end the edit in style. Also, that rail ride, down the rail to 180 was sick as hell.
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Face Time With Nick Seabasty

New Jersey based shredder Nick Seabasty talks about his crew, called the LFS, filming, why he parted ways with his sponsor Cult, new sponsors, plans for 2013 and more. Along with that, he threw down a few moves at the 5050 skatepark.

Nick Seabasty Off Cult

Guys over at the Weareorangejuice have an interview up on their site with Nick Seabasty, where you will find that hehas parted ways with his sponsor Cult.
“Yeah, after 3 years of being part of CULT I’ve decided to leave on good terms. While certain pieces and people clicked others didn’t, I still have love for everyone who’s part of it, just feels like we were starting to drift in two different directions and it’s hard to attach your name to a brand that you’re drifting from while still having fun riding and being motivated. I never want to look at riding in a way where I’m not comfortable or having fun with it. But Robbie’s been there for me through a lot the past few years and I thank him for everything he’s done, I’ll always have love for him and have his back for that!”

2012 Group Home Bikes Train Jam

Looks like the 2012 Group Home Bikes Train Jam was all about good times, friends and street and 5050 skatepark riding. Featuring Nick Gregoreadis, Ed pollio, Nick Verdoni, Matt duffy, Vin stella, Chris angotti, Henry kropp, Nick Seabasty and Paul Fiumano.

5050 Skatepark Mix #2

A quick little edit filmed at the 5050 Skatepark with Nick Seabasty, Russ Barone, Tafari, Scott Marceau and Justin Crofton. Great seeing some new stuff from these guys, especially from Barone. Filmed and edited by Nick Jones.
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