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Conversation – Keith Treanor

If you need motivation to get yourself out of something you are stuck with and you think there is no way out, please do me a favor and watch this video Nick Stout did with Keith Treanor. I think way before you start getting into something, think twice and even if you have a hard time in your life, go out, enjoy the life, hang out with your friends, ride your bike and I am sure it will pass.
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Crux Division – Eric Mesta

Nick Stout went to San Francisco back in August, met up with Eric Mesta and filmed clips with Eric for this new Crux Division edit. Mesta has a solid classic style of riding that really is missed in nowadays’ riding.

Crux Division – Jake Greene

Jake Green teamed up with his friend Nick Stout for a quick little filming session at this concrete skatepark before Jake’s work. They came out with a nice and chill edit, wortha check.

Tree & Leaf Style Matters

Nick Stout put together this day in the life edit of Jeremie Infelise and his crew to promote Tree & Leaf’s Style Matters clothing line, which consists of hats and T-shirts.

Crux Division – Nick Stout

Nick Stout//Crux Division from Luke Shelton on Vimeo.

“Nick spends a lot of his time behind the camera and computer these days. But still has the time to get some ridin in. Check out what he’s been up to.”– Luke Shelton.